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A Fortified Terrace & Basing Come Together From Manorhouse

38 days ago 5

Manorhouse Workshop showed off more from their growing range of terrain as they put together their Fortified Terrace. With towers, thick walls and gates it looks like a good place to defend if you have a willing garrison.

Manorhouse Workshop Delve Into Their Forgotten Halls Project

82 days ago 2

Manorhouse Workshop has delved into the Forgotten Halls with their latest terrain project and showing off just what you can do with the modular designs on offer.

Manorhouse’s 3D Bases & Modular Terrain Now On Kickstarter

244 days ago 9

Manorhouse Workshop have now begun their Kickstarter campaign where they look to creating 3D Bases & Modular Terrain/Tiles for your tabletops.

Weekender: Telling Tales With Rory's Story Cubes

Weekender: Telling Tales With Rory’s Story Cubes

248 days ago 78

We sit down and tell tales with Rory’s Story Cubes and show off new terrain for your gaming table!

Manorhouse Complete Their Ruined Abbey & Cloister

361 days ago 5

Manorhouse Workshop have completed work on their Ruined Abbey & Cloister which will be perfect for skirmish games throughout the ages. Each of the ’tiles’ comes together to make a larger structure which has been ruined in some terrible event…

Weekender: 3D Printed Fantasy Terrain & Unboxing The Glacier King

Weekender: 3D Printed Fantasy Terrain & Unboxing The Glacier King

437 days ago 63

Manorhouse Workshop Continues With Abbey Terrain Updates

442 days ago 5

Manorhouse Workshop continues work of the Abby project and this is turning out to be one incredible piece of terrain.

Manorhouse Workshop Previews Abbey Ruins

525 days ago 8

Manorhouse Workshop has given us a quick peek into their new project and it is promising to be rather impressive.

Manorhouse Workshop’s Modular Underground Project Is A Go!

612 days ago 16

Manorhouse Workshop is gotten the go ahead for their Kickstarter project.

Manorhouse Workshop Modular Dungeon & Sewer Kickstarter Delayed

615 days ago 6

Manorhouse Workshop has hit a bump in getting their Kickstarter up and running.

Manorhouse Workshop Shows Us The Contents of The Kickstarter Box

642 days ago 7

Manorhouse Workshop is going to Kickstarter in mid June to fund their next terrain system.

Whether Above Or Below, Manorhouse Delivers Some Fantastic Terrain

711 days ago 6

Take your gaming to the next level with the Modular Underground Terrain Project from Manorhouse Workshop. Now the terrain that lies beneath your gaming table can be explored too- tunnels, chambers, and even dungeons!

Underground Terrain in the Works by Manorhouse Workshop

961 days ago 6

There are times that a gaming scenario takes place on the surface, and there are other times that it’s all about what lies beneath… Manorhouse Workshop is currently working on an underground terrain system to capture this piece of our table top games.

Manorhouse Workshop Roll Out the Fantasy Football Field

1039 days ago 3

Manorhouse Workshop, in collaboration with Maki 1881, are showing off a new gaming surface that will allow you to engage in bloodthirsty games of fantasy football.

Manorhouse Workshop Bend Sheets of Stone in their Hands!

1244 days ago 3

Manorhouse Workshop have been showing off some new stone print sheets which will help put your terrain on a solid foundation.