Manorhouse Workshop Shows Us The Contents of The Kickstarter Box

May 21, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Manorhouse Workshop is going to Kickstarter soon to seek help funding their latest project, the Modular Underground (dungeon).

Modular Underground Project

They have released pictures of the contents of the starter box along with a pledge price, since we don’t discuss prices here on Beasts of War we will let you check out the page for yourself. They also give us some examples of what can be built with just one box and also, what you can do with two boxes.They come unpainted and One box includes the following pieces:

  • 12 large walls
  • 6 small walls
  • 6 double-sided floors: one stone, the other sewer
  • 18 dynamic walls: in various designs and sizes
  • 3 doors
  • 6 gratings, 6 cover pillars and about thirty caps for junction walls and floors.

Single Box Contents


It all looks quite impressive and I know here we are always looking for really nice terrain especially in 28mm scale. We will be keeping an eye on this one when it comes to Kickstarter mid June.

Will you be watching this project as well?