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Deadzone Mega Battle Report Part 2

Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part Two

1 day ago 12

Welcome back for the final part of our
Deadzone Mega Battle Report where
Warren has been hammering the
Plague forces of the wonderful
James M. Hewitt formally
of Mantic Games.

The Conflicts Of Mantic’s Mars Attacks Escalate With A World War

7 days ago 0

See how the world of Mars Attacks is escalating towards global conflict with the release of new army sets and the World War supplement that makes your battlefields grow.

Exterminate the Enemy as Mars Attacks Expansion Goes to Pre-Order

10 days ago 5

The wave III releases for Mars Attacks have appeared for pre-order over at Mantic, bringing out the second expansion for the miniatures game. It is no longer a fight for survival. Now it is a battle for Extermination!

Mantic Announces 3rd Scientific Wave for Mars Attacks

12 days ago 10

Mantic Games has announced the next wave for their really fun game, Mars Attacks. In wave 3 we will be seeing even more evil and dastardly deeds from the Martians with the activation of their Science Division.

Forge Father Steel Warriors Next Up For Deadzone Infestation Ending Soon

19 days ago 10

The Forge Fathers are getting some revamped reinforcements as the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter comes to a close today.

Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part One

Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part One

22 days ago 47

We’ve broken in to the BoW vaults and
brought out the last video we filmed
with our buddy James M. Hewitt. It’s
time for a Deadzone Battle Report.

New Veer-Myn Weapons & More Heroes For Mantic’s Deadzone: Infestation

24 days ago 2

See how the various factions for Deadzone are expanding with some new units for the Plague, Asterians and Veer-Myn over on Kickstarter.

Goo Spitters & Snarling Beasts For The Veer-Myn Of Deadzone

28 days ago 11

The Enforcers have been getting a lot of reinforcements when it comes to Deadzone: Infestation but now it’s the time of the Veer-Myn with deadly weapons and scything claws.

The Brood Mother Is Unlocked For Mantic’s Infestation Kickstarter

31 days ago 7

Mantic Games is hard at work smashing goal after goal in their Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter. Today the Brood Mother was officially unlocked!

Speed Into Action With Jetbikes Added To Deadzone: Infestation!

32 days ago 12

See what you think of the additional stretch goals that come into play as the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter powers on unlocking more and more.

Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter Goes Live!

36 days ago 30

The Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter has started online from Mantic Games! See what you think of both some painted Veer-Myn AND painted Enforcer Pathfinders as well as the sweet spot pledge for the game.

Exclusive Look At New Battlezone Industrial Terrain & New Mantic Podcast!

38 days ago 14

See how the Industrial Battlezone Terrain is coming along with a look at some new renders. Do you think they’d fit into the world of Deadzone? I think so. Learn more from Ronnie too as another Kickstarter approaches!

Mantic Hints At Things to Come for Deadzone

43 days ago 3

Mantic Games gives us a teaser for what is coming next for Deadzone. Check out this trailer.

Mantic’s Kings Of War Kickstarter Pledge Manager Opens

44 days ago 4

If you haven’t already been invited you should go over and check out the ‘How To’ from Mantic Games as they talk about their Pledge Manager for Kings of War!

Exclusive! Deadzone Hard Plastic Veer-Myn On The Way!

52 days ago 31

Mantic Games have dropped a rather interesting data-pack in our laps! The Veer-Myn are ready to slink their way into the world of Deadzone so keep an eye out for a new hard plastic multi-part kit with their new Kickstarter.