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Take A Peek At Kings Of War 2nd Edition Art & Rules

1 day ago 28

Mantic Games have been chatting about the coming of Kings of War 2nd Edition which will be out in August. A new post over on their blog shows off some of the fantastic new artwork for the main rulebook AND a bit of a sneaky look inside the book itself…

Mantic Holding The DreadBall UK Regional 2015 Tournament

9 days ago 7

Mantic Games, in association with their Pathfinders, are running a series of DreadBall Regional Tournaments throughout 2015. You can head over to the Events & Tickets section to get yours for the region you like best…

Dungeon Saga Now Available To Pre-Order From Mantic

12 days ago 19

Dungeon Saga, the deadly dungeon delving adventure from Mantic Games, is now available to pre-order so soon enough you’ll be able to go off to slay the undead and more. It’s all looking fantastic…

Last Chance To Win A Big Mantic Games DreadBall Prize

14 days ago 0

Mantic Games have given the community a collective nudge that this could be your last chance to win a massive DreadBall prize by simply signing up to their Newsletter. See what you can win below…

Mantic Games Show Concept Work For Forge Father Tanks In Warpath

17 days ago 12

Mantic Games have put together a few pieces of concept art showing off more of what’s coming to Warpath. This time the focus swings to the Forge Fathers and some rather epic looking vehicles; the Forge Father Tank & APC…

Dungeon Saga Tomes Arrive From Mantic Games

20 days ago 15

Dungeon Saga from Mantic Games is starting to arrive in bulk with some amazingly special looking packaging. Yes, these ‘books’ inside are the boxes that you get your copy of Dungeon Saga inside. That’s awesome!

Mantic Show Off The Veer-Myn Shredders For Deadzone Infestation

20 days ago 2

Mantic Games have shown off some more of the kits coming out from the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter. This time it’s the hulking form of the Veer-Myn Shredders who will be blasting you apart…

Warpath 2.0 Rules FREE TO DOWNLOAD (with a FREE BoW Account)

20 days ago 20

Mantic Games talk through some of the changes you helped make possible with your support of Warpath 2.0 through the Backstage downloads last month! Come and check out the free download of the rules within.

Conquering Kings of War – How 2nd Edition Rules Effect The Game

20 days ago 22

Welcome to our new series where Justin is joined by Rich from Mantic Games to help us get into Kings of War. In this episode they discuss the changes the 2nd Edition rules brings to the game.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – How To Construct Your Army

20 days ago 26

Now that you have been introduced to Kings of War and its Updated Rules what do you need to build your army? In this first XLBS video we breakdown the units you need to get a legal army on the tabletop ready for battle.

Mantic Goes “Xtreme” Giving Away Player Manuals For DreadBall

22 days ago 2

Mantic is giving away the new player manual when you buy DreadBall Xtreme from their webstore.

Mantic Talk All Things Kings Of War Over On Their Blog

28 days ago 11

Mantic Games have been running their own themed week over on their Blog focused in on Kings of War and its 2nd Edition rules.

Deep Cut Studio Releases New Mat For Sci-Fi Sports Games

29 days ago 4

Deep Cut Studio has released a new game map for futuristic sports games. Take a look at how the field looks at night.

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!

34 days ago 94

After the insanity that was the
Bolt Action Boot Camp we’re
back with The Weekender
and it’s 100th Episode of
the show today!

Mantic’s DreadBall Season 5 Now Ready For Pre-Order

36 days ago 5

DreadBall Season 5 is now up and ready for pre-order from Mantic Games. If you’re looking to pit Mutants against Robots with Convicts and Kalyshi on the side then this could be the set for you…