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The Rebs & Marauders Join The Fighting In Deadzone By Mantic

1 day ago 5

Mantic Games have shown off some new Starter Sets for you to use in Deadzone. The Marauders and the Rebs will get their start in the dangerous Deadzones.

Download Veer-Myn & Asterian Dossiers For Warpath

6 days ago 6

Mantic Games have put together two new Dossiers for you to use in your planning for the future of Warpath as you test your way towards launch. The newest ones include the Veer-Myn and the Asterians…

Kings of War – Forces of the Abyss Unboxing

6 days ago 10

This box is jam packed with models and with plenty of options you can customise your models to your own choosing. They even have a few imps flying around them and for those who want some battle drums, you can have that too!

Exclusive! Empire Of Dust Taking Shape For Kings Of War

Exclusive! Empire Of Dust Taking Shape For Kings Of War

6 days ago 22

It looks like the vast array of armies
available in Kings of War is expanding
once more with the introduction
of the Empire Of Dust
by Mantic Games!

Weekender: Telling Tales With Rory's Story Cubes

Weekender: Telling Tales With Rory’s Story Cubes

11 days ago 76

We sit down and tell tales with Rory’s Story Cubes and show off new terrain for your gaming table!

Mantic’s Battlezones Are Getting Industrial With A New Set!

15 days ago 28

Mantic are adding to the terrain you can use within your games of Deadzone and Warpath. Here we have the Industrial District which comes with a fantastic set of different terrain pieces as well as pipes!

Weekender - 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

Weekender – 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

18 days ago 113

Join us for another Saturday or positive discussion, a leap into the world of wargaming news and an interview with Nomad Games on their new Talisman game…

DreadBall Season 2 Project Kicks Off Soon From Mantic Games

19 days ago 43

A new short and sweet Kickstarter will herald the beginning of DreadBall Season 2 which will help to rework and tighten up the mechanics of the game…

A New Dungeon Saga Adventure Awaits – The Warlord Of Galahir Coming Soon

23 days ago 14

The newest adventure awaits you in Mantic Games’ Dungeon Saga as they look ahead to the release of The Warlord Of Galahir.


Weekender XLBS: Could You Create An Epic Mega Game?

24 days ago 60

Happy Sunday folks and welcome to The Weekender XLBS. Our focus this week is on BIG games, specifically the idea of Mega Games from all different tabletop genres…

Orc Hordes Teased As Next Release For Mantic’s Dungeon Saga

27 days ago 12

It looks like Mantic Games might be heading back to the world of Dungeon Saga soon as they showed off a selection of rather great looking images over on Facebook.

Deadzone Releases With New Expansion & The Asterians On The Horizon

29 days ago 14

Mantic Games have now released Deadzone and with that we have some additional content to have a look at too. The first of them is the fact that there’s a new expansion already called Exham IV…

Deadzone 2.0 Demo Game - Forge Fathers Vs Enforcers!

Deadzone 2.0 Demo Game – Forge Fathers Vs Enforcers!

33 days ago 57

Join us as we take a look at
the new rules for Deadzone
alongside Ronnie Renton from
Mantic Games to find out
whats been changed and get
a Battle between the Enforcers
& Forge Fathers!

Mantic Games Expanding & Looking For New Blood

35 days ago 4

It looks like Mantic Games is expanding quite a bit as they have some job listings up on their website calling for some new blood to join their ranks.

Conquering Kings Of War XLBS – Expanding Your Forces

42 days ago 7

Find out how you can expand your forces for Kings of War as we talk adding in new units and heroes for bigger battles.