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The Star Saga Kickstarter Launches From Mantic Games

4 days ago 146

The Star Saga Kickstarter has begun from Mantic Games and it’s taking dungeon crawling to the depths of space!


Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!

6 days ago 155

We’ve got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we’re talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

Walking Dead Boot Camp

Last Chance To Grab Walking Dead Boot Camp Tickets

8 days ago 38

Exclusives, Prizes and Freebies!

Weekender XLBS: Back To Basics & Tanks Of The Future

Weekender XLBS: Back To Basics & Tanks Of The Future

12 days ago 115

We’re going back to basics with this morning’s Weekender XLBS. Grab a hot drink and join us for a chinwag!

Mantic’s Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler Star Saga Launches On Kickstarter This September

14 days ago 122

Mantic Games’ Sci-Fi dungeon crawler, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract, is set to launch on Kickstarter September 26th 2016. Are you ready for this one?

VLOG: Kings Of War Empire Of Dust Hobby Tips

21 days ago 27

We’re here for a Friday VLOG and the guys have taken up a bit of a hobby challenge from the forums concerning the Empire of Dust models from Kings Of War.

Mantic Preview The Naiad Wyrmriders For Kings Of War

22 days ago 13

Mantic Games have previewed some of the new Forces Of Nature creatures coming to the tabletop for Kings of War. Here we have the Naiad Wyrmdriders who are looking to destroy their foes on the battlefield.

TWD Bootcamp Last Tickets For All!

VLOG: The Walking Dead Boot Camp Last Tickets For All!

23 days ago 32

It’s time for us to open up the Boot Camps to the public. So, if you fancy a weekend with us in the studio playing The Walking Dead by Mantic Games then grab your ticket!

Build Your Ancient Armies With Kings Of War Historical

24 days ago 14

Mantic Games have now added their Kings Of War Historical book onto their webstore for you to pre-order. Has this caught your eye?

Vlog: Creating The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse

29 days ago 65

Grab your fire axes, baseball bats and shotguns, the BoW crew is gearing up to bring you the greatest weekend of zombie fun in the world, but first, the guys need to settle down and build the gaming tables.

Weekender XLBS: Boot Camps Coming Soon & What Is The Nostalgia Hit?

Weekender XLBS: Boot Camps Coming Soon & What Is The Nostalgia Hit?

33 days ago 145

We let you know what Boot
Camps are coming later
this year and discuss the
Nostalgia factor when it
comes to our
tabletop games.

Mantic Games Offical Press Release For Kings Of War Historical

36 days ago 26

Mantic Games will soon be releasing the next volume in the Kings of War universe and this time they are looking towards history. Will you join the campaign?


Kings of War Unboxing: Basilean Army

38 days ago 29

Today we’re Unboxing and taking a look at the Basilean Army for Kings of War.

Historical Wargaming Comes To Kings Of War – An Update!

46 days ago 23

We got a bit more news on what’s happening with Mantic Games’ new Kings of War Historical book!

Ronnie Takes Over & New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Taster Sets On The Way From Mantic

46 days ago 12

Ronnie appears to have taken over Mantic Games once more after his return from Gen Con and that means there’s plenty more coming to their webstore soon.