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Mantic At Gen Con With Dungeon Saga’s Legendary Mortibris

1 day ago 9

Mantic Games are prepping for the coming of Dungeon Saga later this year and you can still pre-order the game and get your hands on a copy of the Legendary Mortibris model as long as you do so before July 31st or September with Mantic Points.

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

6 days ago 110

We’ve got loads for you this
weekend including a
deeper look at
DreadBall AND
preparations for
Gen Con 2015!

Conquering Kings of War – Demo Game: Dwarfs Vs Undead

6 days ago 44

It’s time for action on the Kings of War battlefield as Justin pits the might of the Dwarf army against the Undead hordes controlled by Rich from Mantic Games. Who will win this epic contest?

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Dwarfs Vs Undead: The Rematch

6 days ago 34

In our first game we had a winner and a loser so naturally revenge is on the cards! Both armies have made some changes to ensure that another epic Kings of War battle is imminent.

Mega Armies & New Books Gather For Launch Of Kings Of War

8 days ago 7

Some big armies are gathering for Kings of War by Mantic Games. The two big ones right now are the Elf Mega Army and the Abyssal Dwarf Mega Army however there are also some other bits and pieces working taking a look at too if you’re prepping for this Fantasy mass battle game…

DreadBall Becomes War On The Pitch With Xtreme Xpansion

9 days ago 7

Mantic Games are bringing war to the pitch of DreadBall with their Xtreme Xpansion where you get to bring even more massive players up from the dugouts. See what you think of them below…

The Veer-Myn Gather In Greater Numbers For Deadzone

16 days ago 3

Deadzone is slowly but surely getting infested if the latest updates from Mantic are anything to go by on Kickstarter. Some more Veer-Myn have popped up with a bunch of long range weapons and someone who would put the Pied Piper of Hamelin to shame…

New Beasts & Riders Coming To Kings Of War 2nd Edition

19 days ago 30

Some new models have popped up for the world of Kings of War by Mantic. These might still be a way off but they certainly show a leap in quality (at least from my perspective).

Weekender XLBS: Kings Of War's Time To Shine?

Weekender XLBS: Kings Of War’s Time To Shine?

19 days ago 150

Happy Sunday! It might be early but
we’re full of hyped up energy for
another good day of wargaming
and hobby.

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Download Kings Of War 2nd Edition Rules For Free!

Download Kings Of War 2nd Edition Rules & Backstager Forces Of The Abyss!

20 days ago 39

It’s finally here for you to download.
Mantic’s Kings of War 2nd Edition is
now available for Free Download
which means you can get started
with your mighty armies and begin
a clash of arms on the battlefield…

Kings Of War 2nd Edition Gets Foreword From Rick Priestley

23 days ago 7

Kings of War 2nd Edition from Mantic Games has scooped a foreword from Rick Priestley himself of game design fame. You can read it within…

Grab Kings Of War 2nd Edition For Free July 10th!

26 days ago 11

Mantic Games have decided that they’re going to unleash the world of Kings of War 2nd Edition on tabletops sooner rather than later. The new edition of the rules will be up for download FOR FREE on July 10th all being well.

Take A Peek At Kings Of War 2nd Edition Art & Rules

30 days ago 28

Mantic Games have been chatting about the coming of Kings of War 2nd Edition which will be out in August. A new post over on their blog shows off some of the fantastic new artwork for the main rulebook AND a bit of a sneaky look inside the book itself…

Mantic Holding The DreadBall UK Regional 2015 Tournament

37 days ago 8

Mantic Games, in association with their Pathfinders, are running a series of DreadBall Regional Tournaments throughout 2015. You can head over to the Events & Tickets section to get yours for the region you like best…

Dungeon Saga Now Available To Pre-Order From Mantic

40 days ago 19

Dungeon Saga, the deadly dungeon delving adventure from Mantic Games, is now available to pre-order so soon enough you’ll be able to go off to slay the undead and more. It’s all looking fantastic…