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Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

4 days ago 83

Join us for The Weekender as we Unbox Deadzone 2nd Edition AND give you a chance to win a mega Aether Captains prize!

Pre-Orders For Deadzone 2nd Edition Fire Up From Mantic

14 days ago 34

Pre-Orders for the 2nd Edition of Deadzone have begun with Mantic Games allowing you to enter their Sci-Fi world at the head of an Enforcer or Forge Father army.

Teasers For The Future Of Deadzone Pop Up Online

22 days ago 3

It appears as if we’re getting a few teasers for the future of Mantic Games’ Deadzone floating around on the internet…

Kings of War Forces Of Nature

Creatures Of All Elements Join Kings Of War’s Forces Of Nature

26 days ago 28

UPDATED – Mantic Games have called forth the elements with new fiery Salamanders and watery Naiads joining forces with the creatures of the forest for the Forces of Nature…

Mantic Features An Epic Glimpse At The Adventurers of Mantica

43 days ago 7

Mantic Games is proud to announce that their fantastic dungeon delver, Dungeon Saga is back in stock. Follow some of their adventurers in an epic cinematic short, Dungeon Saga: The Movie!

Weekender: Tanks Galore & Chatting My Little Pony With Alessio

Weekender: New GF9 Tanks Game First Look & Hasbro My Little Pony RPG Interview

46 days ago 92

Welcome to The Weekender
where we’ve got some
interesting and quirky stuff
to talk about. That means
Tanks and…wait for it,
My Little Pony!

Mantic Create New Free Army Lists For The Abyss & Forces Of Nature

47 days ago 11

Mantic Games have now added two more Free Army Lists to their website for download to support the Forces of the Abyss and the Forces of Nature in Kings of War.

Conquering Kings of War: Playing The Orc Faction

47 days ago 6

Hey guys, today we’re taking a look at the Orcs in Kings of War by Mantic Games.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS: Beating The Orcs To The Punch

47 days ago 3

As you may have seen, the Orc Faction have been drilling through our armies in the Frontstage Show, however I’ve brought out my prized Dwarf unit, the Brock Riders!

Mantic Explore Infernal Crypts In New Dungeon Saga Expansion

51 days ago 3

Mantic Games are going to be delving even deeper into Dungeon Saga now that Infernal Crypts, the new expansion, is available for pre-order over on their webstore.

Exclusive! Forces Of Nature Centaurs Charge Out For Kings Of War

51 days ago 11

Mantic Games have shared with us some exclusive looks at what’s on the horizon for The Forces Of Nature in Kings of War. We’ve been given a sneaky look at a new metal kit which will make Centaur Striders & Hunters…

Weekender XLBS: The 2015 Awards Breakfast

Weekender XLBS: The 2015 Awards Breakfast

59 days ago 48

Mantic Preview Some Upcoming Kings Of War Units

61 days ago 35

Mantic Games have ducked and dived their way through the undead hordes to show off some of what’s coming for Kings of War over the next few months.

The Walking Dead Enters Last Few Hours To Unlock Negan

65 days ago 9

The world of The Walking Dead from Mantic Games is coming together nicely and with that in mind we’ll be taking a look at their final stretch goal which will be to unlock Negan who is a major villain in the comic book series…

Weekender: Wolsung SSG, The Rules Of The Walking Dead & FanHunter

Weekender: Wolsung SSG, The Rules Of The Walking Dead & FanHunter

81 days ago 210

Welcome to The
Weekender which once
again is jampacked
with all manner of
interviews and looks
at the world of