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Mantic Games Hangout: Dungeon Saga, Kings Of War & Prizes!

Mantic Games Hangout: Dungeon Saga, Kings Of War & Prizes!

2 days ago 26

We chatted with Ronnie Renton
of Mantic Games and got to ask
him questions about Kings of War,
Dungeon Saga and maybe a little bit
more on the Sci-Fi world of Warpath…

The Forces Of The Abyss Rise Up For Battle In Mantic's Kings Of War

The Forces Of The Abyss Rise Up For Battle In Mantic’s Kings Of War

3 days ago 52

Mantic Games have got another huge
army coming to Kings of War with
the Forces of the Abyss. We’ve got
an awesome look at what’s coming
out for this army of demons from
the deepest, dankest pits…

Mantic Shows Production Minis For Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest

3 days ago 14

Mantic Games is revealing some really good tidbits this week, this time about the production minis for Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest.

The Contents Of Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest Mapped Out

5 days ago 9

Mantic Games have shown off a rough look at what’s inside Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest and it’s seemingly like an awesome package that is begging to be taken to the tabletop for some old school dungeon delving…

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

6 days ago 426

On this weeks Weekender we talk
Mars Attacks, Kings of War, Boot
Camps and more!

Mantic Take The Fighting Historical With 20th Century Brick Battlezones

8 days ago 16

See what kind of urban terrain you can build with this new set of Battlezone terrain for the 20th Century from Mantic Games.

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp Progress + Mantic In The Studio

9 days ago 32

With the Bolt Action Boot Camp a little over a week away the team is working hard to complete the tables for the event. Not only that we have Rich from Mantic Games in the studio as he and Justin are in the middle of filming a new series…

Mantic Hints At A Possible Expansion For Dungeon Saga

11 days ago 8

We are getting another hint of a preview, this time from Mantic Games for their hugely successful Kickstarter, Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest. Come take a peek and let us know what you think and just think we all say we hate Mondays.

Like Mantic & Win A Big Mars Attacks Prize To Destroy All Humans

15 days ago 5

See if you could be in with a chance of winning a whole host of Mars Attacks stuff from Mantic Games simply by liking their Facebook Page.

A Long Weekend Zombie Apocalypse!

25 days ago 37

Taking a long weekend to do some hobbying is something we should all do once in a while and community member cpauls1 has done just that with some Mantic Zombies! Learn about how he posed and painted this undead horde…

Deadzone Mega Battle Report Part 2

Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part Two

28 days ago 16

Welcome back for the final part of our
Deadzone Mega Battle Report where
Warren has been hammering the
Plague forces of the wonderful
James M. Hewitt formally
of Mantic Games.

The Conflicts Of Mantic’s Mars Attacks Escalate With A World War

34 days ago 0

See how the world of Mars Attacks is escalating towards global conflict with the release of new army sets and the World War supplement that makes your battlefields grow.

Exterminate the Enemy as Mars Attacks Expansion Goes to Pre-Order

37 days ago 5

The wave III releases for Mars Attacks have appeared for pre-order over at Mantic, bringing out the second expansion for the miniatures game. It is no longer a fight for survival. Now it is a battle for Extermination!

Mantic Announces 3rd Scientific Wave for Mars Attacks

39 days ago 10

Mantic Games has announced the next wave for their really fun game, Mars Attacks. In wave 3 we will be seeing even more evil and dastardly deeds from the Martians with the activation of their Science Division.

Forge Father Steel Warriors Next Up For Deadzone Infestation Ending Soon

46 days ago 10

The Forge Fathers are getting some revamped reinforcements as the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter comes to a close today.