Mantic Games Show Off More Ruined & Blasted Terrain-scapes!

June 10, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have shown off some more awesome combinations you can put together using the Battlezones Ruined Terrain that’s going to be available towards the end of June…

Battlezones On Table

Ruined District

Ruined Quadrant

Ruined Sector

There are a number of different options for you to start adorning your battlefield with blasted terrain. I like that they’ve got some huge bits that will make perfect blocking terrain and of course plenty of nooks and crannies so you can get sniper-like shots off through the mountains of rubble at a passing enemy.

Ruined District Terrain

Ruined Outpost Terrain

Ruined Sector Terrain

Ruined Sector Terrain (Alt)

Ruined Quadrant Terrain

Of course with the whole Battlezones Terrain Challenge coming this summer you might want to pick up a big set like this and get building or indeed planning out your table of awesomeness. I also like that in some of the bigger sets you get access to the landing pad and such. I love the idea of modeling a crashed plane or some other flyer into the actual piece.

Are you a big fan of this ruined terrain?