Let’s Play: Walking Dead – D-Day Z-Day Beach Invasion

February 24, 2017 by lancorz

Today we’re playing the Walking Dead All Out War by Mantic Games. John, Justin and Lance are fending off the undead walkers as they invade the lovely little sea town in which they were happily spending their holidays.

Let's Play: Walking Dead - D Day Z Day Beach Invasion

In this scenario, the walkers have slowly crept in overnight onto the beach shore and the survivors unfortunately only have one way to escape; through the messy horde to get a fuel stash in order to boot up their speedboats and high tail it outta there!

Who will get the stash first? Who will get overrun by walkers? Who’s side are you on, and is Justin cheating from the beginning? Find out in this thrilling Let’s Play: Walking Dead.

What would you do in this adrenaline packed event?