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Go Flying High With MAOW Miniatures' Johnny Rocket

Go Flying High With MAOW Miniatures’ Johnny Rocket

1150 days ago 10

Get a taste of the high flying Steampunk world thanks to MAOW Miniatures and their current Johnny Rocket release.

See How Mantic’s Mars Attacks Is Played!

1292 days ago 4

Dive in and check out the miniatures game for Mars Attacks in action!

MAOW Miniatures New Limited Releases

1908 days ago 1

From the Sewers, and from your Nightmares. Two new miniatures from MAOW.

Get your face on a Miniature with Miniface from Maow Miniatures

1924 days ago 10

That’s right… you can now have your handsome mug on your very own miniature!

Check out how to do it with Miniface from Maow Miniatures!

Romain Interviews Maow Miniatures

1924 days ago 10

Maow Miniatures are going from strength to strength, producing funny, weird, yet gorgeous minis all the time… What is up with french mini-maker Maow?

Romain went to ask them what they were all about…