Professor X Previewed For Marvel Dice Masters

September 22, 2014 by brennon

WizKids have previewed some more cards from the upcoming Uncanny X-Men expansion for Marvel Dice Masters. See what you think of both Professor X and Cerebro alongside the rather deadly looking X-23 too…

Professor X


First up we have Professor X who at a basic level just helps you get more out onto the field. As he goes up in rarity however his powers become all the more awesome and he can either boost your sidekicks of help one character in particular. If you combined him with the likes of Captain America and Nick Fury you’d have some great combinations on the play area very quickly.

Cerebro is a strange one and I don’t quite get its use right now. I get that it does a duel job of both blocking and aiding you in finding your own dice but I’m not overly sure on it when there are some very cool other characters to pick up. I’m sure in the right deck it’s devastating though.


Last but not least we have X-23 who is all about the combat. She has a massively high attack value and a fairly low cost. While she might get knocked out very quickly she’ll no doubt kill whoever she’s after and if she gets through your opponents defences they will no doubt take quite the hit. Thrown Car (essentially the neutral power equivalent of trample in Magic) becomes all the more potent.

What do you think of the offerings?