New Dark Avengers Get Scrappin’ With Knight Models

August 22, 2016 by brennon

Knight Models have added some more Marvel characters into the mix this month for their Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. We kick things off with The Dark Avengers who would be a great new team to pit against the existing Avengers.

Dark Avengers

Here you see (from left to right) Ares, Sentry, Iron Patriot and Dark Ms. Marvel. Each of the characters is looking great and it’s interesting to see them dropping this expanded pool of ‘bad guys’ into the miniatures game.

The Dark Avengers are a team assembled by Norman Osborne  (The Iron Patriot) made up of villains from the Marvel universe posing in the guise of well established heroes to the people of the world.

Fantastic 4 & Doooom!

As well as them we got a look at Doctor Doom as a big villain for you to take on during your games..

Dr Doom

…and The Thing so you can start work on building up your Fantastic 4 team for use on the tabletop.

The Thing

I generally think that Knight Models hit the nail on the head with most of their Marvel models and it does make me really interested to find out how the game plays. Also of course it would just be fun to paint some of these models up!

Lastly, it seems like the Suicide Squad are coming soon too (check out the video above)!

What do you think?

"'s interesting to see them dropping this expanded pool of 'bad guys' into the miniatures game"