Ant-Man Trailer Arrives With Fun Movie Poster Too!

January 7, 2015 by brennon

So we showed you the teaser for the teaser but now the actual teaser is out. That’s a lot of teasers. See what you think of the trailer for Ant-Man staring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas…

Ant-Man Poster

Then you get to check out this rather awesome poster which hopefully goes in line with the feeling of the movie. It would be great to see it be serious of course but the edge of comedy should really be there for a hero like him. From the final line of the trailer, I hope so anyway.

Ant-Man is pretty plucky in games like Dice Masters, a very cheap to field hero that has lots of potential. We just need to see him rendered in awesome metal miniature style by Knight Models now!

Are you looking forward to it?