Benedict Cumberbatch Confirmed As Doctor Strange!

October 29, 2014 by brennon

Marvel has pretty much confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play Doctor Strange, the surgeon come sorcerer, in the upcoming films to tie into their massive silver screen universe!

Cumberbatch Strange

Doctor Strange

Cumberbatch Strange (Alt)

I certainly think that Benedict Cumberbatch looks the part and from the images above by Marvel it looks like they headed in to chat about designs and such for the character. I imagine that’s why so many photos in the background are all blurred out!

Doctor Strange is quite the interesting character and he’s popped up in passing in some of the Marvel films before, especially in Winter Soldier where we get a direct reference. It’s going to be awesome seeing how his magical prowess plays off against the other heroes.

Are you looking forward to Doctor Strange getting his own feature film?

Let us know!