Knight Model’s Marvel Universe Welcomes Spider-Man & Green Goblin

December 18, 2015 by brennon

Knight Models have begun work on their Spider-Man Miniatures Game with a look at both the Superior Spider-Man Starter Set and the Goblin Cult Starter Set. Marvel heroes are coming to the tabletop and they’re looking awesome…

Superior Spiderman

The first of these sets is for Spider-Man which comes with his Spinderlings and (I have no idea what version of Spider-Man this is) he even gets alternative claws if you want to have them coming out of his back. I quite like this darker looking Spider-Man who seems a bit more dangerous than normal.

Spider-Man also gets some little gadgets he’s been working on with the Spider Robots you see below.

Spider Bots

Following up from him we have the rather monstrous looking Goblin Cult led by the Green Goblin. He has a flaming sword and is supported by a bunch of small critters.

Goblin Cult

This looks like quite the pairing. It’s going to be great to see what other ‘crews’ they bring together for the Spider-Man world as he has a lot of interesting villains worth exploring. I’d like to see a Kraven the Hunter crew if I’m honest with some wild animals at his command.

What do you think of these new sets?

"I'd like to see a Kraven the Hunter crew if I'm honest with some wild animals at his command."