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The Road To Kickstarter – Stay On Target


In this next instalment of The Road To Kickstarter the Massive Awesome guys talk about handling your budget, developing a balance between the key parts of your campaign and how to deal with the process of designing the characters that will appear in your world on the tabletop…

The Road To Kickstarter – Your First Steps


The Massive Awesome crew are back to chat about the first steps that you need to consider when you plan out a Kickstarter project or indeed any endeavour. It’s time to talk ideas and audiences…

The Road To Kickstarter: Essential Steps On Your First Campaign


Join Massive Awesome as they lay down the plans for a new series here on Beasts of War where they take you through how you can set up your first Kickstarter. Pitfalls and successes; these guys are going to cover it all!

Forget Subtlety With Shattered Earth’s Kodiak THF Walker


When you need to just blast away your foes then maybe it’s time to call upon the brutal powerhouse that is the Kodiak THF Walker for Shattered Earth.