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MaxMini Ride To Combat On Their New Bikes

2 days ago 2

MaxMini have released new Combat Bikes to give your fight some speed off road.

Community Spotlight: Dark Age Romans, Scouts & Hunters + A Greenskin Mech!

Community Spotlight: Dark Age Romans, Scouts & Hunters + A Greenskin Mech!

4 days ago 5

Head Off Road On MaxMini’s Wheels

17 days ago 1

MaxMini have released some Off Road Wheels to help you take your vehicles over the rough terrain.

MaxMini Charge Up Their Twin Linked Laser Cannons

33 days ago 4

MaxMini have released a new vehicle mounted weapon for punching through your enemy’s armous; Twin-Linked Laser Cannons!

MaxMini Wear Their Xenos Kills On Their Shoulder Pads

97 days ago 1

MaxMini have come out with a new set of shoulder pads for Xenoshunters to wear with pride.

MaxMini’s Goblins Cobble Together A Scrap Tankette

114 days ago 8

The goblin mechanics over at MaxMini have created a new vehicle, the Mk2 Scrap Tankette, to cause some chaos.

MaxMini Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Hogs Of War

121 days ago 4

MaxMini have released a new set of brutish Hogs of War heads to let your army make pigs out of themselves.

MaxMini’s Heretic Shoulder Pads Scream With Style

132 days ago 4

MaxMini have released a new set of shoulder pads that make something of a frightening fashion statement.

The Goblin Junkyard Roller Trundles Out Of MaxMini’s Workshop

138 days ago 4

If you’re looking for another ramshackle contraption to test out on the battlefield then check out what MaxMini has been doing as they release the Goblin Junkyard Roller.

Take Flight With Monstrous Wings From MaxMini

162 days ago 2

If you feel like gracing your Daemon Prince or warrior god with the gift of flight then MaxMini has now produced a pair of Monstrous Wings for you to use. See what you think…

A Trio Of Goblin Bikers Run A Muck At MaxMini

168 days ago 3

MaxMini have released a trio of lean green biking machines as the Goblin Biker Gang rides out to cause some chaos.

Snap Up Some Greyskull Shoulder Pads From MaxMini

209 days ago 5

MaxMini has created some new shoulder pads for you to use on your Sci-Fi Knights of the far future. Whether or not you go for the He-Man theme is up to you but here are the Greyskull Shoulder Pads.

MaxMini Release Their Rotten Santa For Christmas

217 days ago 2

The special Rotten Santa miniature from MaxMini has been released allowing you to add some Christmas cheer…plus some blood and guts, to your zombie outings on the tabletop this festive season.

Rotten Santa Shambling Forth Soon From MaxMini

222 days ago 5

MaxMini has shown off what’s coming as a Christmas treat! Rotten Santa is on the way and the sculpt is coming together rather nicely…

MaxMini Rumble Around In A Goblin Scrap Tankette

232 days ago 4

MaxMini are rumbling around in their Goblin Scrap Tankette as they put together another vehicle for their growing horde of greenskin contraptions.