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Take Flight With Monstrous Wings From MaxMini

9 days ago 2

If you feel like gracing your Daemon Prince or warrior god with the gift of flight then MaxMini has now produced a pair of Monstrous Wings for you to use. See what you think…

A Trio Of Goblin Bikers Run A Muck At MaxMini

16 days ago 3

MaxMini have released a trio of lean green biking machines as the Goblin Biker Gang rides out to cause some chaos.

Snap Up Some Greyskull Shoulder Pads From MaxMini

57 days ago 5

MaxMini has created some new shoulder pads for you to use on your Sci-Fi Knights of the far future. Whether or not you go for the He-Man theme is up to you but here are the Greyskull Shoulder Pads.

MaxMini Release Their Rotten Santa For Christmas

64 days ago 2

The special Rotten Santa miniature from MaxMini has been released allowing you to add some Christmas cheer…plus some blood and guts, to your zombie outings on the tabletop this festive season.

Rotten Santa Shambling Forth Soon From MaxMini

70 days ago 5

MaxMini has shown off what’s coming as a Christmas treat! Rotten Santa is on the way and the sculpt is coming together rather nicely…

MaxMini Rumble Around In A Goblin Scrap Tankette

79 days ago 4

MaxMini are rumbling around in their Goblin Scrap Tankette as they put together another vehicle for their growing horde of greenskin contraptions.

A New Orc Halftrack Bike Kit Rides Into Battle From Maxmini

105 days ago 6

Your Orcs are about to get a sweet new ride from Maxmini. Now they can ride into battle in epic Orc style with the latest Orc on a Halftrack Bike. What could be better?

Face Evil With MaxMini’s VanGobling For Halloween

119 days ago 7

Available for a limited time MaxMini has added the 28mm scale VanGobling miniature to their collection for Halloween!

MaxMini Work Hard Alongside The Loader Androbot

139 days ago 5

MaxMini has released a hardworking model which will find itself beavering away in the bowels of some grim dark city. When he got turned into a Loader Androbot he lost all will of his own, however.

MaxMini Make Heads For A Posse Of Gunslinger Greenskins

169 days ago 3

MaxMini’s latest set of conversion pieces see the orcs headed back to the wild west to become a posse of greenskin gunslingers.

Join The Brotherhood of MaxMini’s New Heads

199 days ago 4

MaxMini have released a new set of alternate head options that will let your miniatures join the secretive and shadowy Brotherhood.

MaxMini’s White Star Andromech Walks Out Of The Webstore

242 days ago 1

MaxMini’s new White Star Walker has been released on their webstore, bringing its mechanical might and twin gatling guns with it.

Lock ‘N Load As MaxMini Preview White Star Walker

266 days ago 2

MaxMini have added another preview to their social media pages showing off one of the White Star Walkers that will be coming to their webstore soon (we hope!)

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

300 days ago 84

Join us for The Weekender as we Unbox Deadzone 2nd Edition AND give you a chance to win a mega Aether Captains prize!

MaxMini’s White Star Forces Get Enhanced & Heavily Armed

304 days ago 6

MaxMini are expanding upon their White Star Forces that previous were fighting on the battlefield in the form of Meg’s Girls. Now they have some reinforcements with with Exorig Infantry.