MaxMini Unleash a Greenskin Masta of Dizasta

November 30, 2014 by dracs

MaxMini have a new greenskin model released onto their webstore, mixing what they refer to as a disastrous orc experiment with an overambitious gobbo assistant.

Masta of Dizasta

This might just be the greatest combination of orc muscle power and goblin cunning ever. You have to hand it to that gobbo, he saw an opportunity to raise himself above his fellows and he took it.

MaxMini’s Masta of Dizasta is definitely a miniature with a story behind it and has some rather disturbing implications behind it too. Just what was done to this orc to leave him in this state? Still, it makes the perfect command miniature, with the gobbo being elevated enough to see the battlefield and order the lines, all while his orc pummels someone’s face through their scalp.

Will this Masta bring Dizasta to your orc armies?

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