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Defeat The Darkness & Save Farrenroc In Myth: Dark Frontier

199 days ago 9

Megacon Games is back on Kickstarter with their fantastic resource management game, Myth: Dark Frontier. Your favorite heroes are back to defend and fortify the city of Farrenroc from the ever present Darkness.

Megacon Games Makes Available Their 4th Quarter Updates

214 days ago 5

Megacon Game has published their quarter 4 updates for their games Myth, Emergence Event and their newest one Dumpster Diver.

Megacon Is Running An Expansion For Emergence Event On Kickstarter

248 days ago 3

Megacon Games has a Mini-Kickstarter currently in progress for the next expansion for their space exploration game Emergence Event.

Megacon’s The Banner Saga: Warbands Now Available!

298 days ago 3

Based on the exceptionally successful video game the folks at Megacon have now released The Banner Saga: Warbands so you can carve out your own adventures against the Dredge in a Viking-inspired world.

Dumpster Diver Coming To Kickstarter From Megacon Games

300 days ago 3

Megacon Games is going to Kickstarter soon to bring you a fun and light card game.

Weekender XLBS: Rules Or Fluff, What Should Come First In Game Design?

Weekender XLBS: Rules Or Fluff, What Should Come First In Game Design?

338 days ago 81

Find out what we and the community
have been painting and give us
your thoughts on Fluff & Rules
in game design…

MERCS 2.0 Now Available From Megacon Games

345 days ago 23

Megacon Games have now released the new MERCS 2.0 range onto their webstore for you to pick up. Factions new and old are available in plastic as well as the new Rulebook too!

Get A Sneaky Look At Painted Banner Saga: Warband Miniatures

354 days ago 5

Megacon Games will be bringing Banner Saga: Warbands to Gen Con this year and it seems like the folks at Stoic Studio couldn’t help but show off some painted versions of the miniatures.

Weekender - 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

Weekender – 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys

409 days ago 113

Join us for another Saturday or positive discussion, a leap into the world of wargaming news and an interview with Nomad Games on their new Talisman game…

Megacon Games Offers A Peek At Myth: Dark Frontier

413 days ago 6

Fans of the world of Myth should really be looking forward to Gen Con this year, as Megacon Games will be bringing Myth: Dark Frontier. Dark Frontier looks to offer a great combination of adventuring and resource management, set in their wonderful Myth universe.

Megacon’s MERCS: Recon Rules Get Updated

474 days ago 10

The folks at Megacon Games last month put together an updated package of rules for those of you who have got your hands on MERCS: Recon.

MegaCon Show Off Upcoming Heroes For The World Of MYTH

528 days ago 6

MegaCon Games have been showing off some of the characters for their upcoming expansions to MYTH in Journeyman. Some of these characters are looking great and provide a great teaser of what’s coming for the game…

Megacon’s The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter Launches

620 days ago 13

Megacon Games have now launched The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter which immerses you in a wonderful Fantasy Viking world filled with choices, consequences and skill based combat in a board game.

Weekender: Warlord's Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

Weekender: Warlord’s Battle Plans & The Stygmata RPG Kickstarter

626 days ago 233

Join us for The Weekender where
we have some fantastic
terrain to show off,
an interview with
John Stallard AND
a big EDEN prize!

Megacon’s Banner Saga Board Game Fundraising November 12th

626 days ago 7

Megacon and Stoic have joined forces to bring a fantastic board game to the tabletop based on the hit PC game, Banner Saga. Banner Saga: Warbands is going to evoke the feeling of the game and features amazing plastic miniatures representing both your own warband and the enemy…