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Collect An Exotic Fantasy Warband With Menhir Games

164 days ago 3

Menhir Games have taken to Kickstarter to fund more of their Exotic Warbands in 28mm scale. They are taking Fantasy races and giving them a Historical treatment.

Menhir Games Build Mighty Stone Monoliths

212 days ago 4

Menhir Games have talked about their upcoming Kickstarter where they are focused on creating four new factions for their world, giving you alternative Fantasy miniatures based on Ancient civilisations.

Akkirian Hyena Riders Go Hunting With Menhir Games

324 days ago 3

Menhir Games have been building and developing their range of Fantasy warriors who are based on armies from the Ancient world. Here we have some of their latest previews showing off the Akkirian Hyena Riders…

Idyllwild’s Dark Age Outpost Grows On Kickstarter

596 days ago 4

The Dark Age Outpost Kickstarter from Idyllwild has grown since we last covered it. As well as being funded they have unlocked a series of great stretch goals with much more to come down the pipeline…

Menhir & Idyllwild Build A Hard Plastic Dark Age Outpost

611 days ago 12

Menhir Games are joining forces with Idyllwild Games for a project that will launch on Kickstarter in September, the Dark Age Outpost. This 28mm terrain kit will be available in hard plastic and could well be a nice affordable way of building up a neat tabletop focal point…

Menhir Games Run Into A Jotnar Realm Giant

646 days ago 3

Menhir Games have shown off the render work on another of their models for their Fantasy realms. See what you make of the Giant which will stand at around 75mm tall when finished and fit into a range of scales including 15, 20 and 28mm…

Menhir Games Ready To Launch Second Fantasy Champions Kickstarter!

793 days ago 4

See what you think of this preview for an upcoming Kickstarter where they take established fantasy races and tie them into lost and obscure cultures from history!