Check out the Sefadu for MERCS

May 30, 2011 by beerogre

So MERCS have a another faction for their game, this time it’s the Sefadu.

Sefadu Assault Leader

Sefadu Assault Troopers Medic and Demo

Sefadu Sniper and Gunner

Sefadu Berserker

Lets’ see what they have to say about them…

As each new Megacon comes out, we try to hone in on and capture some unique features. Sefadu is no different in this. In terms of game they are fast and nasty. I found them to be very challenging to design. In terms of visuals I wanted to try to create a link to how Sefadu plays (namely their speed and low armor value), capture a very distinct African flavor, and still try to make them look like they could hold their own in near futuristic combat. I believe someone on TGN described it as a “techno tribal look”. This is definitely what I was going for with this Megacon. Sleek stylized armor armor combined with essential gear, and low armor on their legs so they could move lightning fast on the field.

These look really cool… but then so does all the MERCS stuff!

BoW Andy

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