MERCS Keizai Waza Starter Set from Worthy Painting!

June 22, 2012 by brennon

Worthy Painting have been hard at work finishing up another of the Starter Sets for MERCS for us. Check out their impressive handiwork on the Keizai Waza Starter Set in the video above and through the images below…

MERCS Keizai Waza Starter Set

MERCS Keizai Waza Wrist Mounted Weapon

MERCS Keizai Waza Squad Leader

MERCS Keizai Waza Sniper

What do you think? We’re very impressed with the work and can’t wait to get playing with them. More MERCS coverage is soon to be appearing on the site so stay tuned for plenty from this stellar looking game.

Have you played MERCS?