MERCS Refit the ISS Faction Ready for Corporate Warfare

June 26, 2012 by brennon

So we’ve seen the Texico as a new faction for MERCS but what’s next? Well here are the ISS ready to enter the world of corporate warfare and stake their claim in the company name…

ISS Armour Concept #1

ISS Armour Concept #2

I’m loving the style of the armour on these soldiers, sleek but heavy duty. This faction likes to change things up with the addition of combat weapons like tridents and lightning throwers. Yes, you read right. Not flame throwers…lightning throwers.

ISS Heavy with Lightning Thrower Render

You can check out some more of their weapons below…

ISS Weapon Concepts

As well as all those handheld weapons they even have deployable turrets too. I reckon this could be a pretty popular faction for the MERCS world but I still love the idea of my USCR squad.

What do you make of the ISS?

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