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British Ladies Join The Fighting For Meridian’s Steam & Aether


The British Civilian Lady Troopers are now available on Meridian Miniatures’ webstore bolstering your fighting force.

Meridian Boost The Ranks Of The British In Steam & Aether


Meridian Miniatures has added to their Steampunk range with some new models for the British in Steam & Aether. Take a look and see what you think.

Meridian Go Adventuring With An Eerie Champion


Meridian Miniatures have added a rather funky looking new adventurer to their Tooth & Sword range. This Microshoggoth might turn out to be more of a friend than an ally but he probably stores away quite a bit of magical energy…

Epic Gothic Sci-Fi Soldiers In Terramortis Kickstarter


Meridian Miniatures has a fantastic new sci-fi/gothic miniatures Kickstarter out right now. Terramortis has beautiful, heroic scale minis as well as a new game to use them in in the works.

Meridian’s Terramortis Kickstarter Coming Next Week


Meridian Miniatures have dealt with Steampunk and Fantasy so the next step is to dive into Sci-Fi. The campaign will be known as Terramortis and we have two models already sorted and previewed…

Make A Dark Pact With Meridian’s Rat Warlock


If you’re looking for another dabbler in the dark arts with a twist then see what you think of the Rat Warlock from Meridian Miniatures. He almost looks too cute to have made a pact with some dark force beyond the shadowy veil…

Meridian Rally The Steampunk Militia On Kickstarter


Meridian Miniatures are back in their Steampunk world with the Steampunk Militia Kickstarter where they are looking to fund the arming of the populace. See what you think of them so far below as well as a few of their extras…

An Aequatherium Beast Comes To Life From Meridian


If you’re looking to add a touch of the weird and arcane to your tabletop then how about this new Interdimensional Beast from Meridian Miniatures, the Aequatherium…

Shambling Zombies Stalk Out Of Meridian Miniatures


Meridian Miniatures have added some enemies to their Tooth & Sword range. These foes come in the form of Shambling Zombies that almost look a little too cute with their chibi-style design…

Meridian Miniatures Take To The Skies With New Hippogryph


Built for their Tooth & Sword range Meridian Miniatures have added the chibi-styled Hippogryph to their line up and he’s looking superb. If you fancy adding another boss monster to your dungeon I’m sure he’d do the trick…

A Rat Warlock Is On The Way For Tooth & Sword


Have you been bitten by the chibi bug yet? You will be after you see the Rat Warlock heading off to casting from Meridian Miniatures for their super cute, Tooth & Sword miniatures.

Steam & Aether Civilian Previewed From Meridian Miniatures


Meridian Miniatures is preview some of their upcoming releases for civilians in their game, Steam and Aether.

Meridian Start Preparing Their Terramortis Minis


Meridian Miniatures have announced that they are going to start pre-production of their Terramortis miniatures this week and have published a few quick previews to show us what to expect.

Meet Meridian’s Civilian Commander from Steam & Aether


Meridian Miniatures have come out with a quick preview of something new for their world of Steam & Aether; a Civilian Commander.

Meridian Miniatures’ Chibi Tooth & Sword Adventurers Now Available


See what you think of these awesome Tooth & Sword Adventurers from Meridian Miniatures that would make brilliant Saturday morning cartoon heroes!

Interdimensional Bestiary Rises From The Depths


Steampunk is all around us, now you can go on the hunt for some big bad monsters with these miniatures from Meridian Miniatures, now on Kickstarter.

A Magical Chibi Mini Arrives From Merdian Miniatures


If you’re into chibi minis, then Tooth and Sword is right up your alley. They have released pictures of 3 custom minis for their recently successful Kickstarter and each is cuter than the one before!

Painted Tooth & Sword Heroes & A Mighty Fine Hippogryph!


See what you think of some painted heroes and a rather cool looking Hippogryph rounding off the Meridian Miniatures’ Tooth & Sword Kickstarter.

Neutral Critters Now Unlocked For Tooth & Sword Kickstarter


See what you think of the additional Neutral Heroes that have been added to the line-up for the Tooth & Sword Kickstarter by Meridian Miniatures!

Meridian’s Tooth & Sword Fundraiser Kicks Off!


Meridian Miniatures have started their Tooth & Sword Kickstarter and there are plenty of cute looking animals joining this adventure!