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The RelicBlade Bone & Darkness Kickstarter Hits This Weekend

12 days ago 5

The newest RelicBlade Kickstarter from Metal King Studio will be hitting this weekend on October 15th. With that, we’re getting a new character for you to face and some shambling undead creatures too.

Metal King Studio Show Off New RelicBlade Lone Guard Heroes

24 days ago 6

Metal King Studio have shown off the final designs for some of their heroes which are going to be part of the RelicBlade Kickstarter, Bone & Darkness, launching on October 15th.

Bone & Darkness Expansion Comes To Metal King’s RelicBlade

43 days ago 2

Metal King Studios have revealed that they will be back on Kickstarter to fund RelicBlade’s Bone & Darkness Expansion bringing more undead goodness to their Fantasy world.

RelicBlade’s Ranger & Fighter Ready For An Adventure

59 days ago 5

RelicBlade’s creators Metal King Studios have shown off the finished render work for their Ranger which also turned into a sculpt for the Fighter too.

Work Begins On The Ranger For Metal King’s RelicBlade

67 days ago 6

The world of RelicBlade continues to live and breath as the team get back to sculpting up a new hero for the game. Metal King Studio have shown off the work going into the Ranger.

The Relicblade Two Player Battle Set Now Available From Metal King

109 days ago 3

If you have been following the progress of Metal King Studio then you’ll know they have been working very hard on the Relicblade universe and their Two Player Battle Set to life.

RelicBlade Takes Shape As Metal King Show Off Fancy Boxed Game

148 days ago 3

Things are going really well for the folks at Metal King Studio as they showed off what the swanky box is looking like for their Two Player Battle Set which will introduce people to the world of RelicBlade.

Metal King Send Forth Ace Miniatures For Relic Blade

181 days ago 5

Metal King Studio have now got to the stage where they have been looking ahead to additional characters for Relic Blade.

Metal King’s Dark Wanderer Takes Shape For Relic Blade

206 days ago 7

Metal King Studio have shown off the render work going into bringing the Dark Wanderer of Relic Blade to life. Here we have a dangerous looking individual with an undoubtedly mysterious past.

Try Out A New Temple Scenario For RelicBlade

221 days ago 5

The Kickstarter hasn’t got long to go but it has been doing exceptionally well and they are working towards making their core game a reality. See what you think of the Temple of the Three Monkeys however…

Q&A Time! Chatting With Sean Sutter About Relicblade

236 days ago 7

Join us for a conversation with Sean Sutter about his company, Metal King Studio, and also his game which is currently on Kickstarter called Relicblade!

RelicBlade Looks Ahead To Objectives & Thieves

249 days ago 4

Metal King’s RelicBlade has been funded and with that they are looking ahead towards stretch goals. The first of these is the Relic itself which would make a great objective marker.

Metal King’s RelicBlade Kickstarter Has Begun

257 days ago 9

Metal King have now hit Kickstarter with their RelicBlade campaign. This is a fun looking adventure battle game where one side takes on the role of overlord of the minions within this Fantasy world while the other player sends heroes on their quest to find magical items and more…

Metal King Show Concept Work For Upcoming RelicBlade Thief

272 days ago 3

Metal King are closing in on their Kickstarter start date and in the mean time they have been showing off some more work on the production side of things. Here we have a wonderful piece of concept art for their Thief.

Meet The Ogor Slayer & Watch Relicblade Gameplay From Metal King

276 days ago 3

Metal King Studios have put together a Youtube video where the creator and his friend play through RelicBlade and show off how the game works. In addition they also shared some artwork of the Ogors who are continuing to look fantastic…