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Micro Art Add Some Hazardous Canisters To Infinity’s Terrain

5 days ago 2

Micro Art Studios have previewed the next set of hardfoam terrain pieces that they will be bringing into Infinity, a set of fuel tanks with some worrying hazard markings on them.

Micro Art Studio Offer Up New SciFi Vehicle Bundle

9 days ago 1

Unleash a Traffic Jam upon your table with this bundle from Micro Art Studios

Micro Art Studio add some Ruined and Forest Oval Bases

12 days ago 3

New sets of resin 60mm bases from Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studios Grab Attention With New Corner Holo-Ads

16 days ago 3

Introduction new sets of eye-catching Holo-Ads in various patterns and sizes.

Micro Art Studio Craft Some New Battlefield Hills

18 days ago 1

Micro Art Studio has been busy working on some more hardfoam terrain to throw into the mix and this time it’s the always helpful Flat Hills that have popped up in their webstore.

Micro Art Climb The Staircase in District 5

24 days ago 5

Micro Art Studios have released the latest building for their made for Inifinity terrain range, the District 5 Staircase.

Micro Art Unearth Ancient Oval Bases

25 days ago 2

Micro Art Studios are working on a new selection of oval Ancient bases.

Micro Art Reveal A New Addition To The Infinity Skyline

33 days ago 3

Micro Art Studio have revealed a new piece of HDF terrain that will be getting released for their Designed For Infinity range.

Creating Our Epic 40K Tyranid World

Creating Our Epic 40K Tyranid World!

40 days ago 27

In this Hobby Vlog, John gets stuck into some very cool terrain.

Micro Art’s District 5 Warehouse Now Available To Buy

57 days ago 6

Micro Art Studio has now released their District 5 Warehouse that we spied a few days ago onto their webstore for you to pick up.

Wolsung Boot Camp

Wolsung Boot Camp Tickets Now Available!

64 days ago 36

Tickets for the Wolsung Boot Camp alongside Micro Art Studio are now available to Backstagers!

New Micro Art Studio Oval Battle Bases Frame Your Models

65 days ago 2

The team at Micro Art Studio has a new range of Battle Bases for you to check out with a selection of Oval offerings and more for an array of their collections.

Micro Art Studio Build A Warehouse In Infinity’s District 5

68 days ago 1

Micro Art Studio recently previewed a new terrain piece which will soon be appearing for Infinity; the District 5 Warehouse.

Grab The Infinity ITS Scenery Set From Micro Art Studio

82 days ago 2

With Strikezone: Wotan now launched you might want some scenery and objectives to use in your games of Infinity. That’s where this new ITS Scenery Set comes in from Micro Art Studio.

Grab Some Grub At Micro Art Studio’s Infinity Food Booths

87 days ago 2

Growing their Designed For Infinity range, Micro Art Studio has been showing off their new Food Booths which come in HDF for you to start adding some character to the tabletop.