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Micro Art’s District 5 Warehouse Now Available To Buy

2 days ago 5

Micro Art Studio has now released their District 5 Warehouse that we spied a few days ago onto their webstore for you to pick up.

Wolsung Boot Camp

Wolsung Boot Camp Tickets Now Available!

9 days ago 36

Tickets for the Wolsung Boot Camp alongside Micro Art Studio are now available to Backstagers!

New Micro Art Studio Oval Battle Bases Frame Your Models

10 days ago 2

The team at Micro Art Studio has a new range of Battle Bases for you to check out with a selection of Oval offerings and more for an array of their collections.

Micro Art Studio Build A Warehouse In Infinity’s District 5

13 days ago 1

Micro Art Studio recently previewed a new terrain piece which will soon be appearing for Infinity; the District 5 Warehouse.

Grab The Infinity ITS Scenery Set From Micro Art Studio

27 days ago 2

With Strikezone: Wotan now launched you might want some scenery and objectives to use in your games of Infinity. That’s where this new ITS Scenery Set comes in from Micro Art Studio.

Grab Some Grub At Micro Art Studio’s Infinity Food Booths

33 days ago 2

Growing their Designed For Infinity range, Micro Art Studio has been showing off their new Food Booths which come in HDF for you to start adding some character to the tabletop.

Let's Play: Wolsung - Wild Night In Town

Let’s Play: Wolsung – Wild Night In Town

35 days ago 6
Let's Play: Wolsung - Street Cleaning Scylla Vs Ven Rier

Let’s Play: Wolsung – Cleaning Up The Streets

49 days ago 4

We’re joined once again in the studio by Lukasz from Micro Art Studio to give you a Let’s Play game between the Ven Rier and Scylla factions of Wolsung SSG.

Micro Art Show Off Terminus Segment Terrain Expansions, Pickle Vans & Sci-Fi Graffiti!

52 days ago 10

Micro Art Studio has expanded upon their terrain range and more with a whole bunch of new releases for you to sink your teeth into.

Weekender XLBS: Warren's Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop

64 days ago 122

Micro Art Studio Hit The Highway With New Battle Bases

75 days ago 2

Micro Art Studio has added a new range of round Highway Bases to their Battle Bases collection so you can now work on an entire collection all at once rather than having to wait for different sized bases to pop up.

Hide Behind Micro Art Studio’s Brick Walls

81 days ago 3

Micro Art Studio has added a neat set of Brick Walls to their webstore giving you some options for Historical battlefields as your soldiers get into cover.

Micro Art Studio Pack Their Steampunk Streets With Crates

95 days ago 3

Micro Art Studio has added some more terrain to their collection for you to use as you build up the character of the streets in Lyonesse.

New Warped, Chaotic & Possessed Battle Bases From Micro Art Studio

111 days ago 1

Micro Art Studio has shown off some of the new bases which are coming your way for use with your armies. The focus this time has been on new Elliptical Bases which you can use for larger monsters and faster options like cavalry.

Let's Play: Wolsung - Goliath & David

Let’s Play: Wolsung – Goliath & David

111 days ago 5

Today we’re bringing a huge construct into play with the Gigantic Golem from Micro Art Studio for this Let’s Play of Wolsung!