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Defend A Mighty Dwarven Gate From Mini Monsters


Mini Monsters are feeding into a love of all things Dwarven as they show off the impressive Dwarven Gate which you could set into a mountainside and defend to the death!

Hear The Hammering Of The Blacksmith At Mini Monsters


Mini Monsters have previewed what’s on the way for their growing range of terrain. Here we have the Blacksmith’s House where an old bear of a man is working away…

Mini Monsters Stand Stalwart With Dwarven Statues


Mini Monsters have already produced a range of Dwarven Pillars for you to use on your underground tabletops and now they’re moving on to adorn those underways with statues of their Warriors too.

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?


Welcome Backstage as we get stuck
into the Weekender XLBS where we
give you another dose of our wit and
sage knowledge. Well…we like to
think it’s helpful anyway!

Go Visit The Finished Medieval Tavern From Mini Monsters


Mini Monsters have now released their Medieval Tavern for you to snap up for use in anything Historical and Fantastical on the tabletop. You can get a hold of it over on their eBay Site and plan out how it’s going to fit into your township…

Mini Monsters Build A Tavern For The Tabletop


Mini Monsters have shown off some sneaky peeks at a piece of terrain that is coming soon from them. See what you make of the Tavern which would be the perfect place to rest during this Christmas period…

Mini Monsters Construct Modular Dwarven Pillars


Mini Monsters have added their modular Dwarven Pillars to their eBay store so if you like the idea of making a mighty Dwarven hall below the mountain then you now have a chance…

Mini Monsters Add Stacks Of Sacks To Your Tabletop


See what you make of these Sacks from Mini Monster and indeed the little objective based game I came up with to use them!

Mini Monsters Assembles Their Merchants House


Make yourself an awesome looking new terrain piece with the Merchant’s House from Mini Monsters.