Defend A Mighty Dwarven Gate From Mini Monsters

October 19, 2016 by brennon

Mini Monsters are feeding into a love of all things Dwarven as they show off the impressive Dwarven Gate which you could set into a mountainside and defend to the death!

Dwarven Gate

The big gate, made in resin, sits staring at all those who would dare to challenge the Dwarves within the Hold. I love the glowering face and the additional work that’s gone into the pillars too.

The gate does open too!

Dwarven Gate (Dimensions)

I think it would be neat to put together a scenario where a Dwarven force has to hold in a gully leading to the gate against superior numbers. Everything has to be put into the defence of the gate and you need to hold out for a number of turns before your reinforcements arrive.

The brace on the back of the gate can also be lifted up and put back into position too which is neat and gives the gaming table a little bit of interactivity.

Dwarven Gate (Brace)

If you pushed this into a big block of foam and fitted it nicely into a larger range of rocks you’d have an instantly awesome looking tabletop.

What do you think?

"I love the glowering face and the additional work that's gone into the pillars too..."

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