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Grab More Terrain With Miniature Building Authority’s Castles II

302 days ago 5

Miniature Building Authority is back on Kickstarter with their Castles II Kickstarter. Now there’s even more cool 28mm castle terrain to add to your collection – or start one if you haven’t already.

Dishdash Games Is Working On Campaign Supplement Skirmish Afrika

448 days ago 6

Dishdash Games (former Radio Dishdash Publishing) has teamed up with Miniature Building Authority to create a new campaign supplement to go along with MBA’s new minis.

No Need To Paint The Town With Building Authority’s Kickstarter

687 days ago 3

Setting up a beautiful 28mm town table has never been easier! Miniature Building Authority’s latest Kickstarter, The Town, offers as tremendous amount of stunning, ready to go, out of the box terrain.

Miniature Building Authority To Launch “Town” Kickstarter

702 days ago 3

Set the perfect town scene with the upcoming Kickstarter from the Miniature Building Authority. Their newest project, The Town, is set to launch next month and offer a beautiful range of buildings to produce a fantasy/historical town on your gaming table.

October is The Time to Storm the Castle with MBA Castle Kickstarter

1053 days ago 0

Miniature Building Authority has announced they will be bringing their Castle Kickstarter out this October. If you are looking for castle terrain, then this is one for you to watch for!