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Head To School In Miniature Scenery’s EAGLE Bus

186 days ago 9

Miniature Scenery has added another terrain piece to their collection for your Sci-Fi battlefields. While it might not seem like much it could make for quite the neat feature piece on a tabletop. See what you think of the E.A.G.L.E. Bus.

Fight Atop Miniature Scenery’s New Sci-Fi Bridge

186 days ago 3

Miniature Scenery has put together a new piece for their Sci-Fi terrain collection. This Long Bridge fits in with the rest of their collection giving you a vantage point to fire from and a place for a cinematic battle.

Miniature Scenery Head Off To Spread Peace In Their Hombi GT

220 days ago 5

Not every kit that we look at has to be massive or intricate. This Hombi GT vehicle from Miniature Scenery is somewhat unassuming but I think it would be awesome when added to a Sci-Fi setting on the tabletop.