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The Miniature13 Webstore Opens For Business

274 days ago 7

Miniature13 have been creating some wonderful character miniatures for you to use in your Sci-Fi games in both 32mm and 54mm scales. Well – now their webstore is open.

Miniature13 Show Off Maybe & Biker Tuesday

537 days ago 5

Miniature13 have shown off two more of their renders for characters based on their Kickstarter success. These two new heroes, most likely in both 32mm and 54mm scale, are Maybe and Tuesday…

Command The Frontline With New Miniature13 Heroine

562 days ago 7

Miniature13 have shown off the render for another of their Kickstarter figures that got funded a while back. See what you think of the deadly and stalwart Frontline complete with massive riot shield and teddy bear for good measure…

Miniature13 Go Hunting With New Wild Cat Lucius

595 days ago 7

Miniature13 have been building on their Kickstarter success with a look at some of their new models. The first of these is the render for Lucius followed by the 3D printed components that make up their Eral Controller…

Miniature13 Scare Folks Off With The Scarecrow

607 days ago 3

Miniature13 have gifted us with another awesome miniature that is going to be turned into both a 32mm model and a 54mm one too. See what you think this creepy figure…

Miniature13 Shows Off Eral Controller Render As Newest Update

630 days ago 3

Miniature13 have shown off another of their new renders as they work to get all their sculpts ready for the Kickstarter backers. You can also still get in on this project HERE if you like the look of the Eral Controller below…

Miniature13 Sci-Fi Hero Kickstarter Ending Soon!

729 days ago 2

Miniature13 are entering the final few days on Kickstarter and with that come a few more unlocks and another exclusive model. Check out the pledge levels here too!

Miniature13 Hit Kickstarter For Quick Sci-Fi Character Campaign!

743 days ago 3

See how Miniature13 are shaping up on Kickstarter as they run a short but sweet campaign to raise enough funds for their Sci-Fi heroes and villains perfect for role-playing games and more.

Miniature13 Take Rayne From Render Stage To Prototype Sculpt!

760 days ago 8

Check out how Rayne is looking in 32mm with this prototype sculpt coming out of Miniature13! I think they did a pretty good job with her don’t you?

Rayne Lounges Around As Next New Mini From Miniature13

779 days ago 7

What do you think of the work that’s gone into the new Sci-Fi sculpt, Rayne, from Miniature13?

Miniature13 Show Off Some Stunning Sci-Fi Minis!

788 days ago 6

See how Miniature13 is shaping up as one of the coolest designers of miniatures for 2015! I love the artwork and design so far and can’t wait to see what they do!