Miniature13 Take Rayne From Render Stage To Prototype Sculpt!

January 28, 2015 by brennon

Miniature13 have taken another of their renders to the sculpting stage and they’ve now got Rayne to the prototype stage! See what you think of her in 32mm…

Rayne (Front)

Rayne (Side)

Rayne (Side Alt)

Rayne (Rear)

Well that turned out alright didn’t it! They seem to have captured all of the detail from the render and even made things like the cloak look great some added texture and folds in there. I particularly like how the chest armour plates and the hair have turned out because it’s nice to see good definition there for painting.

It’s a shame she almost has to come with the background terrain to lean on because she might look a bit odd without it!

What do you think of Rayne?

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