Miniature13 Show Off Some Stunning Sci-Fi Minis!

December 31, 2014 by brennon

Another fairly new company is strutting its stuff online via Facebook and that’s Miniature13. They’re aiming to make some awesome 32mm scale Sci-Fi and Fantasy miniatures for us and they’re kicking things off in style with their Sci-Fi ideas…

Overseer (Front)

Overseer (Close)

Overseer (Rear)

The first miniature from them is this rather awesome looking reptilian Overseer with a rather bad ass looking pistol, a tattered cloak, a cool axe and some even cooler armour. I love the design and look of pretty much everything about this piece and it reminds me a little of the enemies from a neat game I enjoyed called Advent Rising.



Captain of the Bodyguard

Some more miniatures are also on their mind including Scarecrow, Rayne and the Captain of the Bodyguard which are all looking amazing too. The first and last image here could be out of the Destiny book of awesome concept art too! Can’t wait to see these as miniatures.

Frayed Controller

Commander Aelon


There’s some creepy additions in the form of the Frayed Controller, Commander Aelon and then finishing things off is the Overseer in his art form. Everything is looking great from Miniature13 right now.

Keep this level of quality art and miniature design up and we’ll be very happy rabbits here at Beasts of War.

Bring on the new year!

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