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Minion Miniatures Challenge You With Their Minotaur

108 days ago 4

Minion Miniatures have shown off the render work for another of their massive beasts. Here we have the Minotaur Guardian who looks like he is about to smash you into little pieces within his labyrinth.

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes - How Often Should They Happen?

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes – How Often Should They Happen?

219 days ago 61

Welcome Backstage as we
sit down and relax with
The Weekender XLBS.
We’re discussing how
often rules should be
changing in your

A Slavering Zombie Hulk Stumbles From Minion Miniatures

427 days ago 2

Minion Miniatures have shown off a render for one of their bigger miniatures coming soon. A Zombie Hulk is ready to start smashing and crushing its way through some abomination filled laboratory.

2 Brutes Are Out On Kickstarter For Minion Miniature’s Underdeep

769 days ago 4

Check out the monsters on Kickstarter from Minion Miniatures! The Monsters of Underdeep Kickstarter has 2 brutes ready to cause some damage on your table.

Minion Take Their Zombies & Goblins To Kickstarter

811 days ago 6

Minion Miniatures have taken their zombies and goblins to Kickstarter and you can help make their game of Underdeep a reality!

Date Set For Minion Miniatures Kickstarter & Painted Skulk!

822 days ago 1

See what you think of an awesomely painted Goblin Skulk from the upcoming Minion Miniatures Kickstarter which starts on Monday!

Minion Miniatures Crown Their New Goblin King!

848 days ago 2

Minion Miniatures have added some more art to their Goblin-kind collection and also produced some of the Kickstarter graphics for their upcoming fundraiser.

Minion Miniatures Become Masters Of The Undead!

866 days ago 1

See what you think of more interesting concept art and renders from the undead and goblins with Minion Miniatures. Are you a Necromancer looking for a fleshy new project?

The First Minion Miniatures Goblins Creep From Their Caves

883 days ago 3

Minion Miniatures have put out the first sculpt from their upcoming Goblin collection that will also contain a fair amount of Undead once it hits Kickstarter later this year. Not too shabby for a first sculpt I’d say!

Minion Miniatures’ Undead Rise From Their Graves

902 days ago Comments Off

Delve into a world of undead creatures and foul necromancy as Minion Miniatures show off some of the new concept art for their zombies and flesh golems.

Minion Miniatures Take On Goblins, Zombies & More!

921 days ago 2

See what Minion Miniatures are up to as they stir up the Goblin tribes for Kickstarter later this year.