Minion Miniatures Crown Their New Goblin King!

August 11, 2014 by brennon

Minion Miniatures have put up some more ace artwork for their upcoming undead and goblin Kickstarter. This time around the focus switches to the leader of those scheming goblins, the Goblin King and his Guard.

Goblin King

Goblin King with Guard

So above you can see the Goblin King by himself looking rather imposing in all of that bone armour. The second image shows his Guard flanking him into battle and looking more dynamic than the King himself! I really like the theme of these Goblins and I think the design is different enough to set them apart from other makers of greenskins while also being recognisable on the tabletop.

Goblin-kind Boxed Set

They have also shown off a few of their Kickstarter graphics and the one above is for their Goblin-kind boxed set. The renders are looking good, the designs are top notch and the dedication to the project seems sound. I’m looking forward to this one.

What do you think of their Goblins?