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Mithril Release Azog & Treebeard For Classic Middle-earth Collection


Whilst the Middle-earth models from Mithril might not be up to scratch with a many of the modern ranges out there, they still have a distinct charm to them and that’s demonstrated in the two models they released in January.

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop


Hobby chatter and Christmas gift ideas!

Mithril Release Three Lord Of The Rings Miniatures For Christmas


Mithril continues to produce Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth based miniatures for hobbyists and Christmas sees three miniatures hit their webstore.

Mithril Continues To Add To Their Lord Of The Rings Collection


While many of you may not know them, Mithril has been creating Lord of the Rings models for a long time. Their collection is rather vast and draws on the book representations of the characters and creatures rather than the films.