Last Minute Additions For ModCube Kickstarter As It Enters Last Days

June 2, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

The super clever ModCube by # Dimension Gear (3DG) has taken Kickstarter by storm and has offered an amazing amount of versatility to our gaming universe.

modcube variety

As the project is entering it’s final days, 3DG has continued to crank out fantastic options for your games. Added to the list now is the Game Creator – a cool set of numbers and symbols for the dreamers who like to create their own games.

modcube game creator

There’s also the Warmachine/Hordes set that have been improved upon in response to the suggestions of backers. With this set, is an option for open symbols that gamers can use dry erase markers on to personalize the tokens even more!

modcube warmachinehordes

modcube dry erase

And to add to the Star Wars universe, the ModCube now has a set tailored to Imperial Assault! Now you’ll have your counters and options available to you in the versatile cubes.

modcube imperial assault

3DG also hinted that Maelstrom’s Edge has gotten on board with the ModCube and has a set designed just for their exciting Kickstarter as well!

Maelstroms edge

modcube maelstrom

With so many options, it’s not hard to see that this clever accessory has redesigned your gaming gear!

Have you backed the ModCube project yet? (there’s only a couple days left!)

"As the project is entering it's final days, 3DG has continued to crank out fantastic options for your games..."

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