ModCube Launches Custom Game Cube Option

January 21, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Proving once again that ModCube is an ingenious game accessory, 3DG has revealed an additional custom cube option on their site.

MC variety

Are you playing a game that ModCube doesn’t already have a pre-made set of tokens ready to go? Not a problem!

MC custom grid

Now you can choose your own custom token images to create your own file to send off to ModCube and they’ll cut them into tiles for you to use with their clever cubes. Though you can create files with almost any images you’d like, in the interest of minding copyrights and being respectful to a company’s images, they recommend using This site offers thousands of icons for you to tailor your ModCubes to any game you’re playing.

MC talisman pic

Recently Talisman Island has used ModCube to create custom tokens for their game and they not only look fantastic but are super handy and a less expensive option than having custom dice engraved. Whether you are using the ModCube to simply turn and signal an effect, or whether you intend to use them for rolling effects, the cubes will hold up to task and look amazing.

MC comparison dice

Simply purchase a custom set of tokens on the site, send them your file, and ModCube will create YOUR tokens.

MC talisman die

To sweeten the deal and add to the excitement, ModCube is offering to cut and ship your tokens within one week of your order or they’ll throw in a extra ModCube for you!

What games would you like to have custom ModCubes for?

"ModCube is offering to cut and ship your tokens within one week of your order or they'll throw in a extra ModCube for you!"

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