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VLOG: Team Yankee Boot Camp – 1 Day To Go

18 hours ago 31

Excitement is fever pitch at Beasts of War HQ as people have already started to arrive from far and wide to take part in our Team Yankee Boot Camp starting tomorrow.

Spectre Miniatures Are Looking For Playtesters Now

24 hours ago 0

Do you love modern rule sets? Would you like to have a go at playtesting? Spectre Miniatures is looking for some volunteers to try out their new rules set. Not only will it be fun, you might just earn some goodies along the way.

A New King Tiger Rolls Onto The Battlefield Of Bolt Action

3 days ago 14

Warlord Games have added another version of the King Tiger to their webstore which will be a handy addition to any German army in Bolt Action. This tweaked tank comes with a Porsche Turret and there are also some alternatives for a Henchel bodied version too…

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground's Sci-Fi Buildings

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground’s Sci-Fi Buildings

6 days ago 387

Come and join us for an epic Weekender
where we’re talking Team Yankee &
4Ground Terrain AND giving away
some awesome prizes!

Modiphius Launching Airfix Battles For Fighting In World War II

8 days ago 29

Modiphius have announced that they are launching a new Introductory Set which enables you to play with all of your Airfix soldiers in proper games on the dining room table or on the floor. Airfix Battles is looking like a lot of fun and brings make memories of childhood…

VLOG: Team Yankee Boot Camp Update

9 days ago 39

The Team Yankee Boot Camp is a little over a week away and everything is coming together nicely from receiving a delivery of Team Yankee rulebooks and of course not forgetting Aubergine propaganda.

Mortars, Machine Guns & TOW Out Soon For Khurasan’s 15mm US Army

11 days ago 2

Three different options are on the horizon for Khurasan’s 15mm US Army and will be available soon. See what you think of their Mortar, Machine Gun and TOW2 Sets which matching crews…

Modern Wargaming: Conflict In The Ukraine Part Four – Endgame & Conclusions

Modern Wargaming: Conflict In The Ukraine Part Four – Endgame & Conclusions

11 days ago 104

Soldiers With SMGs Join The Cast Of Crooked Dice’s 7TV

14 days ago 6

Crooked Dice have added a new set of miniatures to their 7TV range although they would be perfectly happy away from the film set and part of a proper Historical game too. What do you make of their Army Privates With SMGs…

Flames Of War FTW – Gun Line Counter Tactics

14 days ago 23

Flames Of War For The win is back as Warren & Dave take a look at how to beat those stalwart, unmoving, and frankly terrifying, gun line armies from World War II

Flames Of War FTW XLBS – Advanced Gun Line Tactics & Counter Tactics

14 days ago 9

It’s time to head back to the war room table and discuss some more advanced tactics and counter tactics for using gun lines and countering them in Flames Of War.

Spectre Add New Miniatures For Modern Warfare Scenario Play

14 days ago 4

Spectre Miniatures have shown off a rather awesome new selection of models for use with scenarios. Both their Vehicles section and Scenario Miniatures ranges have grown allowing you to fight out a battle around a motorcade…

The English Tank Commanders Take Shape From Heer46

16 days ago 2

Heer46 have been working hard on their new British range and the British Tank Commander we saw a glimpse of not long ago has now taken shape with this new work-in-progress shot that we got from them on social media…

VLOG: The Rise Of Lloydoslavia

16 days ago 21

Our Team Yankee Boot Camp preparation is gathering pace and now the nation of Lloydoslavia is finding its identity, including slightly naff curtains from the 1970′s.

West Wind’s New Website & Forged In Battle Artillery

16 days ago 3

West Wind have shown off the look for their new website which will also feature some new download options for Secrets Of The Third Reich, Empire Of The Dead and more. It certainly looks like an improvement even from this early sneak peek…