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Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!

Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!

2 days ago 116

We’ve had a big week as we talk Shadow Games (and more) with Steamforged. You could win your own copy of the game too!

German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm Now On Kickstarter From Heer46

3 days ago 2

Heer46 are looking to fund the creation of a number of Gebirgsjäger Divisions over on Kickstarter right now. Come and take a look at what they’re doing with these elite German soldiers.

Panzer VIII Maus Released Friday For Warlord’s Bolt Action!

4 days ago 9

Coming on Friday from Warlord Games we will get to see the Panzer VIII Maus become a reality in Bolt Action. This vehicle will be available in VERY limited numbers.

New Gaming Mat & Desert Terrain Coming To Flames Of War 4th Edition

4 days ago 14

With a new Edition on the way, Battlefront is pulling out all the stops as they show off some new Desert Terrain and a Gaming Mat to make your gaming experiences in Flames Of War all the easier.

Scibor Monstrous Release A Hero Of The Polish WWII Resistance

24 days ago 4

Scibor Monstrous have released a new sculpt for their range of Polish Historical Figures; the WWII resistance activist Tadeusz Zawadzki.

Wargames Illustrated Add To Giants In Miniature WWII Collection

25 days ago 13

Two hard cases have joined the selection of Giants In Miniature from Wargames Illustrated since we last looked at them.

Spectre Miniatures Preview What Lies Ahead In 2017

27 days ago 4

Spectre Miniatures are looking ahead to 2017 with a number of different previews of what lies around the corner. Here are a few of the snaps from Facebook…

Flames Of War 4th Edition Desert Armies Detailed

31 days ago 9

Battlefront has their sights set firmly on the desert as we look towards Flames Of War 4th Edition. With the release of the new version of the game next year they’re creating new sourcebooks and new armies for you to collect.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Coming March 2017

35 days ago 12

Battlefront has now added more details to their website surrounding the launch of Flames Of War 4th Edition next year in March 2017.

DVG Is Back On Kickstarter With Sherman Leader Card Game

35 days ago 4

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) is back on Kickstarter for a new game in the Leader series, Sherman Leader.

Universal Carriers Coming In 15mm From Plastic Soldier Company

37 days ago 6

Plastic Soldier Company gave us a look ahead at what’s coming for their World War II range and it seems to be some Universal Carriers in 15mm scale!

Weekender: Adventure Through Time With GF9's New Doctor Who Board Game

Weekender: Adventure Through Time With GF9′s New Doctor Who Board Game

37 days ago 57

We’re talking Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks with Gale Force Nine and explore the mechanics of this epic game!

Stop For A Meal At GameCraft Miniatures’ Roadside Diner

38 days ago 3

GameCraft Miniatures are stopping at the Roadside Diner and maybe getting into a bit of a fight with one of their latest terrain pieces.

New 15mm Middle-East Forces Gather From Khurasan

38 days ago 2

A series of modern troopers have been added to the webstore for Khurasan as they look to expand upon the forces fighting in the Middle-East.

Team Yankee Command School: Setting Up A Sneaky Ambush

Team Yankee Command School: Setting Up A Sneaky Ambush

39 days ago 5

Leaving yourself open for an attack can always be a tricky situation and with an ambush on the horizon, we show you how to set up a sneaky attack in Team Yankee.