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New Russian Armour On The Way For Warlord’s Bolt Action!

1 day ago 7

Get your Russian forces ready for battle once more as Warlord Games have come up with a very cool looking plastic kit for the T-34/76 tank. This is quite the hero of World War II!

Add Some Flare To Your Flames Of War Night Fighting!

1 day ago 2

See what you think of some additional components for those of you who like fighting your World War II battles at night. Muzzle Flare Tokens for the win!

Panzer & Marders Roll Out Of The Tank Factory For Plastic Soldier Company

5 days ago 6

Plastic Soldier have been busy tinkering away on some more tanks for their 1/72nd range and this new set allows you to build both Panzer and Marders for the tabletop.

Warlord Cruise Around Bolt Action In The US M3 White Army Scout Car

6 days ago 5

The US Army gets a bit of a workhorse for Bolt Action in the M3 White Scout Car. If you want to pick this up for your army then it’s available in resin!

World War 2.5 – Gaming An Alternate History [Part Two]

6 days ago 38

The battles continue as World War 2.5 explodes and former allies clash in the middle of Europe. The Soviets are pushing on and the British are going to be taking the brunt of the hit in these big battles!

Start Night Fighting With German Sd Kfz 251/20 D (Uhu) For Flames Of War

10 days ago 6

It’s time to get a bit more high-tech as the war comes to a close with the Sd Kfz 251/20 D (Uhu) which features a night vision sight allowing it to pick out enemies on the battlefield.

World War 2.5 – Gaming An Alternate History [Part One]

13 days ago 108

Oriskany kicks off his newest article series where we’re discussing a bit of a ‘What If?’ scenario! Welcome to World War 2.5 with some uneasy alliances and more besides. I think it’s time to break out the heavy armour!

Flames Of War Germans Strike Back With Jagdpanthers & More!

17 days ago 12

See if you could stand against the mechanised might of the German army as more of it comes out in plastic from Battlefront for Flames of War!

Flames Of War Plastic British Infantry & Their Half-Tracks Fight On

19 days ago 19

Trudge across the muddy fields of France and then get a lift in a new Half-Track as Flames of War make two new plastic kits for the British of World War II.

Fight For Ostfront & More In Bolt Action & Get Free Miniature!

24 days ago 3

See what you think of some of the free miniatures that will be popping up when you spend a certain amount of money during February on Warlord Games’ website.

Spectre Operations Rules Launch Online For Modern Warfare

27 days ago 2

Take to the battlefield with a new rules set from Spectre Miniatures which focuses in on the modern battlefield.

The Flames Of War Nachtjäger Fighting Begins In February!

31 days ago 3

Roll up in some new tanks and lock and load for some fierce fighting in Northern Germany with the Nachtjäger Sourcebook coming out from Battlefront in February!

Command The Big Guns Of Fate Of A Nation For Flames Of War

38 days ago 4

The rest of January is filled with a whole bunch more artillery that can be used to shell your opponent in Fate of a Nation for Flames of War.

Hold Back The Germans With Soviet Winter Infantry For Bolt Action!

43 days ago 21

The Germans might not have been able to take the cold Russian winter but these Soviets are kitted out for the harshest of environments. What do you think of this new plastic kit?

The Heavy Guns Sound Again For FoW Fate Of A Nation

44 days ago 2

More big guns and even something tracked and deadly from France pops up in Fate of a Nation, the spin off game to Flames of War.