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1st Corps Drops In The British Airborne and Their Artillery

2 days ago 4

Looking to add a little more punch to your 28mm British Airborne? 1st Corps might just have what you are looking for.

Soviets Prepare a Barrage of Rockets from Warlord’s Katyusha

2 days ago 6

Warlord Games have shown off a WiP that will give the Soviets of Bolt Action some serious hitting power; the BM- 13 Katyusha multiple rocket launcher!

Perry Bring Italian Command to the Front in a Fiat Staff Car

2 days ago 4

Perry Miniatures have now released their ITWW 16 Fiat Staff Car to help bring the officers of the Italian army to where they are needed most.

A Big Set Of Sdkfz-250 Coming To Plastic Soldier’s 15mm WWII Range

2 days ago 7

Plastic Soldier Company have teased another big unit coming your way soon for 15mm World War II wargaming. See what you think of this nice set of Sdkfz-250!

New Rubicon Tanks, Half-Tracks & Assault Guns From Plastic Soldier!

6 days ago 9

Tanks, Half-Tracks and Assault Guns are rolling out from The Plastic Soldier Company and Rubicon Models as they put a whole bunch of them up on their webstore.

Wings Of Glory: Giants Of The Sky Q&A With Roberto Di Meglio

Wings Of Glory: Giants Of The Sky Q&A With Roberto Di Meglio

8 days ago 4

Take to the skies with us as we have a chat
with Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games about
their Kickstarter for Giants of the Sky and
learn more about where the game came
from and where it’s going next!

New sets for World War II anyone?

Aim & Fire With World War I British Infantry From CP Models

8 days ago 1

See what you think of the beginnings of a World War I range from CP Models Miniatures. First off we have some British Infantry from the Expeditionary Force of 1914.

Roll Out Waves Of New Plastic StuG For Bolt Action With Warlord

9 days ago 21

Warren must be dreaming as Warlord Games have put together a new plastic kit allowing you to bring two versions of the StuG to the battlefield for the Germans in Bolt Action.

Flames Of War Plastic Comet Platoon Coming This Month!

13 days ago 9

The Comet Platoon rolls into battle for Flames of War alongside some cool Scout Cars and German Tank Hunters ready to make your day miserable!

Fight in Early WWII as Battlegroup Blitzkrieg Heads for its Salute Release

14 days ago 11

Plastic Soldier Company have announced that Battlegroup Blitzkrieg, the latest supplement for the Battlegroup series of WWII 15-20mm scale gaming rules, is at the printers and looks to be on time for its Salute release date.

The Senegalese Tirailleurs Begin The Fighting In The Bolt Action Colonies

18 days ago 3

The Senegalese Tirailleurs get ready for fighting as they bolster the French in their fight against the Germans. A deadly foe and no mistake for Bolt Action!

World War 2.5 – Gaming An Alternate History [Finale!]

23 days ago 55

The battles for this particular campaign of World War 2.5 come to a close as oriskany rounds up his amazing article series on this alternative history. How do you think these last engagements will end? Find out within and grab the Backstager Rules Pack download to try it for yourself!

What’s Coming For Flames Of War? Vietnam, WWII & More!

26 days ago 19

Check out the long road map for Flames of War that Battlefront have laid out. Do you want to take on Berlin? Assault the Vietcong on the river? Maybe even delve into the Cold War period?

Plastic Soldier Bombard Your Foes With 15mm British Heavy Weapon Teams

26 days ago 4

Plastic Soldier Company have added another plastic 15mm kit to their website and it’s all heavy weapons designed to pound and shoot up your foes.

World War 2.5 – Gaming An Alternate History [Part Three]

30 days ago 55

In this penultimate part of World War 2.5 from community member oriskany we see the French mounting a bloody defence, Polish resistance fighters popping up to harass the Soviets, and a heroic last ditch attempt by German forces protecting civilians to stop the Russian war machine outside Nuremberg.