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The Sands Of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp [Part Two]

22 hours ago 18

It’s time to compare the armies, look closer at the characters, and get technical as we check out the vehicles that featured during the Desert War.

Warmill’s New Ultramodern Warfare Building Is Looking Swish!

8 days ago 7

If you want to take the fight on the modern battlefield to a new age location then how about with this Ultramodern Warfare Building from Warmill which will be launching at the Beachhead 2017 event on February 18th.

Tanks Trundle Over New Flames Of War Cobblestone Town Squares

8 days ago 6

Looks like Warren won’t have to worry about making cobblestone streets himself as Battlefront has designed some new Flames Of War Cobblestone Town Square tiles.


The Sands Of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp [Part One]

8 days ago 61

In getting fired up for our Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp we dive into the background of the Desert War with community member oriskany!

Weekender XLBS: SAGA Campaigns & Hunting For Nazi Treasure

Weekender XLBS: SAGA Campaigns & Hunting For Nazi Treasure

9 days ago 162

Fancy delving into some more Historical
gaming with us and planning out
a hunt for World War II gold?

Lead From The Front With Warlord’s New Plastic IS-2 Soviet Tank

10 days ago 14

The Soviets of Bolt Action get some heavy duty support this weekend with the release of a new plastic kit from Warlord Games for the IS-2 Heavy Tank.

15mm Desert Warfare Terrain Coming Soon From Knights Of Dice

10 days ago 5

Knights of Dice are looking to create some 15mm Scale Versions of their Tabula Rasa: Desert Building range for you to use in your smaller scale wargaming.

Set Up World War II Airborne Objectives With 1st Corps

11 days ago 2

If you’re looking to put together a scenario for the British Airborne during World War II then these kinds of Supply & Drop Markers from 1st Corps might be quite handy.

Fancy A Weekend Of Modern Military Role-Playing (With Tanks!!!)?

11 days ago 20

Fancy a bit of role-playing as part of a rag-tag Battlegroup of Tank Commanders? Head on over to the forums and give this adventure from oriskany a look!

Spectre Miniatures Adds Updated Errata For Their Rules

11 days ago 1

Spectre Miniatures has published an errata on their site for their rules Spectre Operations.

Eureka Go Island Hopping With WWII Pacific Aussies

12 days ago 4

Eureka Miniatures are adding to their World War II collection with some island hopping Australians.

Sally 4th Mount Up In A New Chieftain Main Battle Tank

12 days ago 2

Adding to their rather wide-ranging collection Sally 4th has now got a new Chieftain Main Battle Tank to offer up for those who want to grow their 1/56th or 28mm collection.

Embrace The Winter With New Bolt Action Americans By Warlord

13 days ago 10

Since we’re still in the grips of the cold weather here in the UK it makes sense that we’d be seeing some more Winter US Soldiers for use in Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Anti-Air & Infantry Support Joins The Team Yankee East German Force

13 days ago 2

The East German forces of Team Yankee are getting some reinforcements in the form of an SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon and some additional infantry.

Sarissa Precision Offers Their Chateau In Three Scales And Destroyed

13 days ago 5

No one said that war was ever kind to those who were non-combatants and such is the case for some beautiful homes and other buildings that suffered war damage.