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"Battlegroup" WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Two - Fire & Movement

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Two – Fire & Movement

3 days ago 71

We move on to learn more about Battlegroup where we discuss the way in which both Movement and Firing is worked out in this game…


“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part One – Introduction & Overview

10 days ago 125

Come and join Oriskany and Piers from Ironfist Publishing to learn more about Battlegroup, a fantastic looking World War II ruleset for all manner of scales…

Khurasan Miniatures Release New Modern Troops

13 days ago 5

Khurasan Miniatures has brought in some bigger guns to help out your 15mm U.S. Modern Army.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Activation Tactics – ‘Double Tapping’ Your Units

13 days ago 10

We’ve been told a way of ‘double tapping’ your units in Bolt Action to get the most out of them. Come and find out more…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Tank Assault Tactics

13 days ago 10

We’re learning all about Tank Assaults and how exactly to take down a tank at close quarters in this episode of Locked & Loaded.

Empress Miniatures Trains Up New SAS Troops

15 days ago 4

Empress Miniatures have added some updated SAS miniatures to their modern collection.

Warlord Games Roll Out The British Airborne Polsten Cannon

17 days ago 4

Warlord Games have added the Polsten Cannon to their Bolt Action collection for the British Airborne to fly into their fighting in France and beyond.

Head To Cairo With Some New Characters By Perry Miniatures

17 days ago 7

Perry Miniatures have shown off a neat collection of characters for you to use in your World War II games. Here we have the ‘Luke Warm In Cairo’ set from the twins


Fifty Articles – An “Oriskany” Retrospective

17 days ago 75

Community member Oriskany looks back over fifty articles for Beasts Of War. Take a look back and if you’re new to the site there are some real gems here!

Engineers & Rifles Head Up The Beaches For Flames Of War

18 days ago 3

Flames Of War welcomes some new miniature packs for use with your games set on the Pacific islands during World War II. Here we have a vehicle section and some infantry too…

Dishdash Games Is Working On Campaign Supplement Skirmish Afrika

22 days ago 6

Dishdash Games (former Radio Dishdash Publishing) has teamed up with Miniature Building Authority to create a new campaign supplement to go along with MBA’s new minis.

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes - How Often Should They Happen?

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes – How Often Should They Happen?

25 days ago 61

Welcome Backstage as we
sit down and relax with
The Weekender XLBS.
We’re discussing how
often rules should be
changing in your

Hole Up In Saint Mere Eglise With PlastCraft’s New Terrain

26 days ago 4

PlastCraft Games have put together another fantastic kit for you to use in your World War II games. Here we have the iconic Saint-Mère-Église which is now available on their webstore for you to pick up…

Go Down Under With Free Australian Army List For Bolt Action

30 days ago 5

Warlord Games have released a FREE Australian Army List which you can download allowing you to play as this army in the South West Pacific during your games of Bolt Action…

15mm Tanks Of The Past & Future Coming Soon From Khurasan

31 days ago 4

Khurasan Miniatures will soon be adding some more tanks to their array of armour for battles in the past and the future. A T-64B and the Core Systems MBT are the two contenders…