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Bolt Action Rules For Mad Jack & Sneak Peek At New Fallschirmjager

6 hours ago 0

Keeping with a decidedly World War II theme for today we have more previews and a rules update from Warlord Games for Bolt Action.

Heer46 Heading To Kickstarter With 28mm WWII German Infantry

8 hours ago 3

Heer46 are heading to Kickstarter soon to create a range of 28mm German Infantry and more for World War II wargaming. Since we’re still in a bit of a Boot Camp mood it makes sense we’re checking this out!

Flight Crews & Cries For A Medic With New WWII Germans By Perry Miniatures

1 day ago 2

Perry Miniatures have added some more new projects to their Metal Workbench which include a Luftwaffe Ground & Air Crew alongside a set of German Medics which will no doubt have a lot of work to do on the battlefields of World War II…

VLOG: Infinity Boot Camp Prep Begins & New Shows

1 day ago 31

The Bolt Action Boot Camp has come and gone so with the team just about recovered the clean up has begun. With one Boot Camp complete our thoughts now turn to the next one for Infinity at the end of June.

Unboxing: Bolt Action T34/76 Plastic Tank Set

2 days ago 13

Justin and John unbox an influential and innovative tank design in the form of the Soviet Army’s T34/76 Medium Tank Plastic Boxed Set for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action.

The Fallschirmjager Gather From Perry Miniatures For world War II

6 days ago 5

Perry Miniatures have been in World War II mode when it comes to their latest models on the workbench. The Fallschirmjager are going to be striking Allied strongpoints soon with these new kits that also include an LMG and Support team soon too…

Flames of War FTW: How To Deal With Dug In Infantry

7 days ago 8

Dave and Warren are back for the third season of FOW FTW. This time they’re looking at the more vital tactical aspects of the game. To start things off they deal with dug in infantry; “The bane of everyone’s existence.”

Flames of War FTW XLBS: Dealing With Dug In Infantry Even More Effectively

7 days ago 9

We’ve looked at dealing with dug in infantry so now we show you how it can be done more effectively than previously thought. This is a process that involves less points spent and Soviets armed with flamethrowers!

Rain Explosives Down On Your Enemies With Rubicon’s M21 Mortar Motor Carriage

8 days ago 1

Rubicon Models have come up with a nifty kit for the M21 Mortar Motor Carriage that you can learn a little more about here. It’s in 28mm scale and comes armed with an M1 Mortar (81mm). See what you think of the design so far…

Take Down Air Support In Flames of War Brown Water Navy

14 days ago 8

The Local Anti-Air team for Brown Water Navy and Tour of Duty are a deadly trio that will bring down many helicopters hovering over the jungle.

Warlord Games Take A Seat With Bolt Action Seated German Heer

20 days ago 2

Take a seat and drive through the countryside with some cool Seated German Heer from Warlord Games for Bolt Action.

Fight Out The Conflicts Of World War II With Fog & Friction Card Game

21 days ago 2

Fight out the battles of World War II on your lunch break with a new card game coming out through Kickstarter by Pond Foot Games called Fog & Friction.

Amazing Pictures From The Great War Gallipoli Exhibition

Amazing Pictures From The Great War Gallipoli Exhibition

25 days ago 17

See how the amazing looking Gallipoli diorama has turned out with some wonderful photographs of the finished board from The Great War Exhibition down in New Zealand.

Head Into Battle With Three New Plastic Sets For Flames Of War

27 days ago 13

Drive into battle with three new plastic sets on the way from Battlefront for Flames of War that give you huge sets of infantry and tanks to use in battle.

Fight In The Early War With New Bolt Action Source Book From Warlord

27 days ago 2

Fighting Jack Churchill leads the way for conflict in the early stages of World War II with another sourcebook that’s coming soon from Warlord Games for Bolt Action.