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The Volksarmee East Germans Head To Team Yankee!

13 hours ago 9

Beginning in January you’ll be able to pre-order the The Volksarmee, the East Germans, for use in Team Yankee!

The New Plastic M18 Hellcat Kit Pops Up For Bolt Action

14 hours ago 4

Warlord Games has put together a new Bolt Action plastic set, the M18 Hellcat, for your American armies during World War II.

Plastic Soldier Offers New British & Commonwealth CMP 15cwt Trucks

2 days ago 4

Plastic Soldier Company has some new releases for all gamers of WWII.

Let’s Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault (Game Two)

Let’s Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault (Game Two)

5 days ago 11

We’re back for another game of Bolt Action
by Warlord Games. This time the lads have
swapped sides for this Beach Assault!


Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Five]

5 days ago 46

We finish up this epic “What If?” scenario and explore why the Operation: Sea Lion ended as it did and more of the factors involved in the whole endeavour.

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?

6 days ago 126

We dive into some more mysteries today
as we thinking about the Vikings
heading to South America!

Mount Up In Scimitars, Scorpions, Strikers & Spartans For Team Yankee

9 days ago 8

The folks at Battlefront have put together some more plastic sets for you to pick up for British armies in Team Yankee. Two new boxes are available allowing you to make a variety of different vehicles.

Battlegroup Rule Book Pre-Orders Finish Soon

10 days ago 5

As we come to the end of November you’ve only got a few more hours to get in on the pre-order bonuses for picking up the Battlegroup Rule Book from The Plastic Soldier Company.

An Update To WWII Game Disposable Heroes Is Now On Kickstarter

11 days ago 1

On Kickstarter right now is a the campaign to bring the second edition of Disposable Heroes to life.

Crusader’s New WWII German Soldiers Arm Themselves

12 days ago 2

Crusader Miniatures has put together a new set of World War II Germans for you to use when your building up your force to, maybe, invade Britain with Operation Sea Lion.

Painted WWII Gun Crews & Looks Ahead From Rubicon Models

12 days ago 3

Rubicon Models has been showing off a lot of the different models on the way for your World War II games.


Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Four]

12 days ago 54

It’s make or break time when it comes to Operation Sea Lion. Will the Germans be able to break the back of the British or will they fight back harder than ever?

Operation "Sea Lion" Invading England In 1940? [Part Three]

Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Three]

19 days ago 71

The invasion begins in earnest as the Germans land on the shores of dear old Blighty. Will the fate of Western Europe be forever changed?

The Bear Awakens For Gale Force Nine’s Tanks

24 days ago 5

Gale Force Nine is ramping up the action for this year’s competitive season with a new campaign for Tanks that takes you to the Eastern Front of WWII.


Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Two]

26 days ago 82

The go ahead is given for the invasion and we’re following Operation Sea Lion as it unfolds on the tabletop in part two of this article series!