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Command The Big Guns Of Fate Of A Nation For Flames Of War

3 days ago 4

The rest of January is filled with a whole bunch more artillery that can be used to shell your opponent in Fate of a Nation for Flames of War.

Hold Back The Germans With Soviet Winter Infantry For Bolt Action!

8 days ago 20

The Germans might not have been able to take the cold Russian winter but these Soviets are kitted out for the harshest of environments. What do you think of this new plastic kit?

The Heavy Guns Sound Again For FoW Fate Of A Nation

9 days ago 2

More big guns and even something tracked and deadly from France pops up in Fate of a Nation, the spin off game to Flames of War.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules!

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules!

9 days ago 88

Welcome back to another installment of
Flames of War For The Win! This time Dave
& Warren are having a look at the
Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules, two very
sneaky and useful parts of the game.

Keep The French Army Ticking Over With New Bolt Action Minis!

15 days ago 4

If you fancy running some additional French units on the tabletop for Bolt Action then you might need some HQ choices and a way to get your men to the battlefield with the Lorraine Armoured Carrier.

The Jordanian’s Get Kitted Out For Flames Of War

17 days ago 5

Flames of War will be getting even more Fate of a Nation miniatures throughout January and this time it’s the turn of the Jordanians.

Wargaming The Battle Of The Bulge Part Four

20 days ago 66

Community member Oriskany’s Battle of the Bulge series comes to a close and this last article looks at some of the final engagements of the campaign. There are still some corking battles to check out though so see what you make of these final explosive games!

More Planes, Soldiers & Black Powder Coming From Victrix!

26 days ago 4

See how Victrix are shaping up with a look at their offerings coming your way in 2015! If you’re interested in Ancients, Napoleonics or even World War II they have you covered!

Wargaming The Battle Of The Bulge Part Three

27 days ago 37

We continue our article series from community member oriskany for The Battle of the Bulge where the fighting is hotting up and the fighting is getting even more horrific. Check out these next few engagements!

Wargaming The Battle Of The Bulge Part Two

34 days ago 30

We’re back with another look at Wargaming The Battle of the Bulge with oriskany! Three more engagements take place and the battle builds in intensity.

Grab Bolt Action Rules For Enemy At The Gates’ Vasily!

36 days ago 4

Check out the rules for the star of Enemy At The Gates, Vasily Zaitzev. Not a bad addition to your Bolt Action Russian force right?

Machineguns & Mortars Come Your Way For Fate Of A Nation

38 days ago 0

Flames of War is gifted with more Fate of a Nation releases for the month of December that include machineguns and Mortars to unload on your enemies.

Spectre Send In The SAS Recce Support Next Year

39 days ago 2

Spectre Miniatures show off another SAS unit this time with a focus on Recce Support. Have you been looking at this range and thinking of playing some modern wargames?

Wargaming The Battle Of The Bulge Part One

41 days ago 75

Community member Oriskany kicks off his series on The Battle of the Bulge which commemorates it’s anniversary tomorrow. Read about the campaign and how you might want to approach wargaming this massive German offensive.

Heavy Explosives Shake The Field For FoW Fate Of A Nation

43 days ago 4

See how things are shaping up for the big artillery batteries that you can get set up for Fate of a Nation with these new packs of Anti-Tank Guns and Mortars from Battlefront.