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Burn Stuff With Warlord’s Plastic Bolt Action Flammpanzerwagen

14 hours ago 10

To borrow a phrase from the Human Torch, flame on. Warlord Games have added another plastic kit to their Bolt Action range and to say it’s hot is an understatement. See what you think of the new version of the Sd.Kfz 251/16 Flammpanzerwagen…

Stan Johansen Builds Up The Israeli Defence Force

2 days ago 1

Stan Johansen Miniatures are adding to their modern warfare range with some new sets of 28mm scale metal models for the Israeli Defence Force. These would find a place on many a modern day battlefield and come armed with specialist weapons as well as rifles…

Warlord Games Releases 18/25 pdr for BEF in Bolt Action

5 days ago 2

Warlord Games expands their ever increasing range for the British in Bolt Action, with the addition of another interesting artillery piece.

Join In For Some Bolt Action Organised Play With Warlord

6 days ago 5

If you’re looking for some more Bolt Action fun with Warlord Games then as well as taking part in the Summer Offensive you can also get your local store involved. With that in mind there is an exclusive miniature available to winners of these store events as well as some trophies and certificates too…

New Soviet Big Guns, Tanks & Officers In Plastic From Flames Of War

7 days ago 11

Battlefront have been showing off some more of the plastic and resin models coming to Flames of War for the Soviets. Whether you are setting up for a meeting with other officers or wanting to blow apart the enemy position with tanks and artillery they have you covered over the next few weeks…

Perry Miniatures Releases Support Troops For The Fallschirmjager

9 days ago 4

Perry Miniatures continues to release some very nice miniatures, this time for the Fallschrimjager.

The Bolt Action Summer Offensive Has Launched From Warlord

9 days ago 4

Warlord Games have kicked off their Bolt Action Summer Offensive with a rather swanky looking new website dedicated to reporting your results and mapping the progress of both the Axis and the Allies.

A Modern Military Russian Painting Project Awaits From Albino Raven

11 days ago 4

Albino Raven have added another modern military figure to their range. This time the model focuses on the Russians with a soldier wielding an AK-12. See what you think of the figure below which is available in 120mm and 54mm scales…

Early War Polish Squads Hit The Battlefield For Bolt Action

12 days ago 9

Early War fever has hit Warlord Games with this next release for Bolt Action where you get to hit the tabletop with the Polish.

Weekender: Halo Fleet Battles Special!

Weekender: Halo Fleet Battles Special!

14 days ago 81

Add Character To Bolt Action With Warlord’s Sherman Tank Crew

15 days ago 34

Warlord Games are all about the previews surrounding Bolt Action right now as they’ve also shared a preview for their Sherman Tank Crew and this gentleman in particular…

German Tank Hunters Roll Out To Stop The Soviets In Flames Of War

15 days ago 6

Two new vehicle kits have popped up from Battlefront for Flames of War this week. With the Soviets pushing towards the gates of Berlin the Germans are rolling out the big tank hunters with both the Waffentrager and Kleinpanzer Wanze looking to blow up some armour…

The Panzer III Rolls Into Warlord Games’ Bolt Action

16 days ago 5

Sticking with more from World War II we have a new kit on the way from Warlord Games for Bolt Action. The pre-orders for their Panzer III plastic kit are now up so if you want to get this behemoth of a tank it won’t be too long.

New WWII Senegalese & German Troops Soon From Perry

16 days ago 1

Perry Miniatures have shown off some of the miniatures that will be heading off to get finalised over the next few days.

Deep-Cut’s New Mats Take To The Skies Once More

18 days ago 4

Deep-Cut Studios have taken to the skies once more with another aerial battle mat which you can check out within. This one has a bit more of an American feel to it with a Fields Theme and a small town situated among a forest…