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Community Painting Picks – Heroes, Zombies & Dragon Towers

3 days ago 17

We’re back with some more Community Painting Picks where we’ve snapped up some of the neatest looking miniatures our forum members have been working on. Come and see what’s been on workbenches over the last couple of weeks…

Hit The Desert Sands With Chevrolet Trucks For Bolt Action

5 days ago 7

If you’re looking to speed across the desert sands then you want a light vehicle to get you across all that open space. See what you think of Warlord’s offering with the LRDG Chevrolet Trucks which come in two different varieties for Bolt Action…

Modern Wargaming With “Force-On-Force” Part One – Introduction

5 days ago 76

unclejimmy and oriskany join together to look at the rules set that featured throughout most of the Modern Wargaming series we ran last year – Force on Force. Come and find out more about the basics within…

Head Out On Patrol With Artizan’s 1942 German Infantry

5 days ago 4

Artizan Designs have put together another squad for their World War II Range and this time it’s focused on the Germans. Here we have a squad that is suited for fighting during 1942 although you could probably use them in any year of the war if you were so inclined…

Watch Out For The British Comet In Bolt Action Soon

9 days ago 6

A new resin miniature is coming out of Warlord Games soon for Bolt Action. The British Comet was previewed over on their Facebook page looking rather nifty indeed…

Pre-Order The British Foxhound From Evil Bear Wargames

9 days ago 17

If you’re looking for a big beefy looking vehicle to get you in and out of a warzone then see what you make of the Foxhound which is now on pre-order from Evil Bear Wargames.

Wargames Illustrated Get A Sneak Peek At New Project Z Soldiers

10 days ago 7

Wargames Illustrated have got a look at the new soldiers that you’ll be able to make for use in your games of Project Z by Warlord Games. These are sculpted and produced by Wargames Factory who entered into a deal with Warlord not long ago…

Combat Patrol To Be Released By Sally 4th In UK & EU

11 days ago 4

Sally 4th has announced that they have been granted the UK and EU licenseto publish and release the card driven miniatures rule set Combat Patrol.

Weekender: Competition Winners & 100 To Save Us All?

Weekender: Competition Winners & 100 To Save Us All?

15 days ago 54

Naval Wargaming: Part Three – WW2 Cruiser Action Battle Report

17 days ago 11

After last weeks article on Cruiser Action we get a look at an awesome Battle Report set in the Pacific theatre between the Americans and the Japanese. Who will come out of this torpedo-fest intact?

First Corp Litter The Field With Dead British Paratroopers

18 days ago 10

First Corp have added some casualties of war to their webstore. Sometimes those drops didn’t go so well and so you can use these 28mm British Paratrooper Casualties for objective markers and to show when squads have taken a few brutal hits…

Xan Miniatures March To War With WWII Soviet Infantry

18 days ago 2

Xan Miniatures have previewed some models that will soon be coming to the tabletop. These Soviet Infantry below for World War II era gaming look like they are weary and on the march…

Unboxing Bolt Action M8/M20 Scout (Greyhound)

18 days ago 10

We’re taking a look at the Bolt Action M8/M20 “Greyhound” Scout Car from Warlord Games today…

This handy little vehicle was very useful on the battlefields of World War II and for your tabletop games.

The Sound Of Choppers Is Overhead For Battlefront’s Team Yankee

21 days ago 7

Battlefront have now added the HIND and Cobra packs to their website so you can now add both of these helicopters to your Team Yankee forces in even more numbers. I still think that the Cobra is my favourite of the two because it looks a lot meaner…

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios

21 days ago 81

It’s Happy Sunday time! Welcome
Backstage as we discuss some
of the ways in which we can
craft our own gaming scenarios
and some of the news
from the week…