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Statuesque Miniatures Head Into The Pulp Alleys


Check out this awesome pair of Pulp heroes from the folks at Statuesque Miniatures.

Help Movember & Get A Spiffing Pulp Miniature Too!


What do you think of this spiffing model from Pulp Figures that is also looking to raise some money for charity. See what you think of him!

Dark Art Studios Find Kong Deep In The Jungle


See what you think of the jungles mighty lord, a massive Gorilla from Dark Art Studios.

More Adventuring Damsels & Detectives From Pulp Figures


What story will you weave with these new characters from Pulp Figures?

Pulp Figures Find The Perfect Man To Shout ACTION!


Will you be directing your movies with Pulp Figures latest addition to the miniatures line?

Smooth Tunes & Smooth Adventurers From Pulp Figures


Check out some upcoming models from the folks at Pulp Figures which would be perfect for an upcoming role-play you’ve got planned.

The Volcano Queen Unleashes Her Pulp Figures Fury


Get the guns ready to kill the Volcano Queen with Pulp Figures new miniature sets!

Rosa Joins the Statuesque Miniatures Resistance


Rosa joins the Resistance and starts her fight against the enemy through covert operations using special weapons!

Askari Head to the High Seas with New Sailors


Askari Miniatures head off to the high seas for their latest selection of sailors.

Pulp Figures Head to the Yukon for Adventure


Some more Pulp Gaming heroes head off on an adventure with Pulp Figures.

Tsuba Go After Some Manchurian Bandits


To celebrate the release of their tenth set of miniatures Tsuba have released three new Manchurian Bandits.

Count Casamir Lords Over the Pulp Figures World


Check out this Pulp hero from the cold winters of Eastern Europe.

Pulp Figures Head to the Dangerous Orient


Pulp Figures head off into the Orient.

Crow Dogs for Secret of the 3rd Reich


That’s right! All you SoTR US players can get ready to get those fantastic Native American warriors primed and ready to take on the Nazi menace with the release of the Crow Dogs from Westwind Productions!

Female Lift Security from Crooked Dice


You’ve seen the boys… now it’s time for the girls! Crooked Dice have created new Female Lift Security for their 7TV game.

Tilly Tumbleworth & Poppy Comelatey from Statuesque Miniatures


Take a look at the latest pair of super-spies for the Statuesque Miniatures Range.

15mm Horror Fhtagn!


Oh the abject horror of it all… and I don’t mean the 15mm size… which, as we know, is the scale of the unholy Satan himself!

I mean these cracking demonic sculpts from Khurasan Miniatures of course.