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Take Down Hitler With Wargames Illustrated’s New Giants In Miniature

3 days ago 2

Based on the film, Inglorious Basterds it looks like Wargames Illustrated is on a mission to kill Hitler with their latest Giants In Miniature.

Wittman & Balthasar Woll Coming Soon From Rubicon Models

5 days ago 6

If you’re a fan of famous tankers then you might want to take a look at what Rubicon Models have planned for you as they teased Wittman & Balthasar Woll for use in your World War II games.

Weekender: Hawk Talks Dropfleet & Iron Maiden Unleashed!

Weekender: Hawk Talks Dropfleet & Iron Maiden Unleashed!

14 days ago 155

It’s time to get talking with Battlefront about Team Yankee and Hawk on Dropfleet!

Warlord Bring Kelly’s Heroes To The Tabletop For Bolt Action

21 days ago 17

Warlord Games have gone all Hollywood this weekend as they add Kelly’s Heroes to their collection for use in your games of Bolt Action and of course a very, very special scenario of your own designing.

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded: Using The Books To Improve Your Game

23 days ago 7

For this episode of Locked & Loaded we delved into the books available for Bolt Action 2.0 and see how they can increase your enjoyment of the game.

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded XLBS: What’s Next For Bolt Action?

23 days ago 16

John is joined by Rich from Warlord Games to probe him for information on what is coming up in the near future for Bolt Action 2.0.

Lead The Charge With WWII Cavalry By Turncoat Games

23 days ago 6

Turncoat Games is charging into Kickstarter with the WWII Cavalry campaign.

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?

27 days ago 131

Heer46 Prepare To Fire Their German Flakrocket!

30 days ago 3

Heer46 are wheeling out a rather interesting looking project for your World War II era German armies to consider using on the tabletop. Take a look at the German Flakrocket, the Rheintochter.

Create Operation Market Garden Tabletops With Sarissa’s Bridges

36 days ago 8

Sarissa Precision have added some new bridges to their collection for you to use in your Operation Market Garden games set during World War II. The anniversary of this Operation actually falls over this weekend!

Carry The Troops & The Wounded With Perry’s New Vehicles

39 days ago 4

Perry Miniatures have designed two new vehicles for use in your World War II games. Both of them are for the German armies out there and include a way to get the troops into battle and a way to get them out.

BugBear Miniatures Show Off Their Upcoming US Riflemen [Updated]

43 days ago 42

BugBear Miniatures are a new company looking to bring some World War II models to the tabletop in the near future. Here’s a preview of their US Riflemen, in 28mm scale, that they’re really proud of.

Rubicon Ready Big Guns & Machine Guns For World War II Gaming

43 days ago 4

Rubicon have been showing off some of the work going into their World War II line-up and explore the look of their new artillery piece, the PaK Gun Crew as well as a Heavy Machine Gun too.

Mount Up In Your PaK 40 Armoured Car For Bolt Action

45 days ago 14

Warlord Games have another support vehicle rolling onto the battlefield for Bolt Action with their PaK 40 Armoured Car. When you need more anti-tank weapons just stick a big ol’ gun on the front of the nearest vehicle.

Plastic Soldier Show Off WiP 20mm British Artillery Command

47 days ago 1

Kildare Paintworks are working away on some new 20mm Scale British Artillery Command figures for use in your World War II gaming. The original metal models can be seen here by Plastic Soldier Company.