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Mount Up & Join Perry’s Lancers Or Ride In A Rolls Royce

3 days ago 0

Perry Miniatures have released new models for their metal historical miniatures ranges, with sculpts for Victoria’s Little Wars and World War 2.

Warlord Games Get Demoing Blood Red Skies

7 days ago 5

Over on their Facebook Page for the game Warlord Games got stuck into some demos of Blood Red Skies with the rest of their team.

Head To New Guinea With Warlord’s Next Bolt Action Supplement

7 days ago 4

Warlord Games are venturing off into the wilds of New Guinea with their next campaign supplement for Bolt Action.

Warlord’s Royal Navy Get Ready To Teach The Axis A Lesson

9 days ago 5

One of the new metal boxes that popped up over the weekend from Warlord Games was the Royal Navy Section containing ten metal miniatures for Bolt Action.

Dunkirk Themed Giant In Miniature New From Wargames Illustrated

13 days ago 4

Wargames Illustrated has shown off one of their new Giants In Miniature for their Historical collection and he’s themed after the new Dunkirk movie that is coming soon.


Get All The Info On Blood Red Skies: Battle Of Britain By Warlord Games!

17 days ago 24

Check out the teaser trailer and a Q&A for the new game, Blood Red Skies: Battle Of Britain by Warlord Games!

Chocks Away With Teaser Of Warlord’s New WWII Game

19 days ago 17

It looks like we’re going to have to polish up on our British Pilot accents as Titan Games showed off a teaser of a new game coming out from Warlord Games with an airborne theme.

Inter-War Ladies & Gentlemen Take Up Arms With Footsore Miniatures

20 days ago 2

Some more Inter-War Characters have been sculpted up by the folks at Footsore Miniatures for all of your alternative history action on the tabletop.

New Polish Airborne Units Get Ready To Invade In Warlord’s Bolt Action

26 days ago 9

Fighting beside the Allies during World War II we have some of the bravest fighters coming to the tabletop from Warlord Games. Meet some of the new Polish Airborne troops gracing Bolt Action.

Larry Harris Of Axis & Allies Fame Brings War Room To The Tabletop

29 days ago 12

Larry Harris, designer of the most excellent (Bill & Ted moment there…) Axis & Allies is turning his attention to another massive board game project with War Room alongside Nightingale Games.

Bolt Action Unboxing: Waffen SS Section

30 days ago 12

Marching into the studio today are the Waffen SS Section (Early War) for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

1930′s British Soldiers Get Ready For War With Empress Miniatures

37 days ago 3

Empress Miniatures has now added some new British Soldiers into the mix from the period of the 1930′s. This set might be great for those looking to play out Early World War II battles but also theoretical engagements like Operation Sea Lion.

The Battle Of Midway 75th Anniversary: Turning Point In The Pacific [Part Five]

38 days ago 51

We close out this series with talk of final strikes and maybe a few what if scenarios…

Shoot Down Allied Aircraft With The 3.7cm Flak 43 AA Gun

40 days ago 2

Warlord Games has added another piece of heavy duty kit into their arsenal for use in Bolt Action by the Germans. As the Allies invaded Normandy these guns would have been pointed to the skies.

Partrol The Shires With Bolt Action Brigands & More

41 days ago 4

Warlord Games has now added a selection of Footsore Miniatures into their collection for those of you wanting to protect Blighty.