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Gorgon Studios Lay Down Fire With New Fallschirmjager


Gorgon Studios are laying down some covering fire with their new Fallschirmjäger releases for use in your World War II games.

Listen To The Boom, Boom, Boom Of Flames Of War’s New Guns


Flames Of War has been granted some new armoured reinforcement in the form of three new vehicle packs featuring some neat plastic vehicles.

Check Out Warlord Games’ Waffen-SS Camo Tutorial – What Do You Do?


Warlord Games have shown off their own tutorial for creating the Waffen-SS Camo Pattern that we’ve been seeing John try his had at Backstage this week.

Let's Play: Chain of Command - Action on the Orne

Let’s Play: Chain of Command – Action On The Orne


The time for talking is over, let’s get down to business!

Rubicon Models Show Off Upcoming Sherman/Firefly Kits


Rubicon Models are going to be releasing some new kits for their Sherman/Firefly Tanks soon and they showed off the finished models as well as some of the variants that come as part of the kits.

Bolt Action Gets New Soviet HQ In Winter Theme


New Winter Soviet options for Bolt Action are now available.

Weekender XLBS: John's Next WWII Project + Win One Of Our Essen SPIEL Games

Weekender XLBS: John’s Next WWII Project + Win One Of Our Essen SPIEL Games


What’s in Az’s MASSIVE box??

Rubicon Models Take On Some More Character


A new set of characters have come to life from Rubicon Models as they continue to develop more infantry for World War II era gaming.

Avalon Hill Releases Updated Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition


Do you remember playing Axis and Allies? Do you wish you had gotten your hands on the anniversary edition? Well, now you can!

The Bolt Action Battle For Berlin Box Is On The Horizon


Warlord Games are going to be taking the fighting into the streets of Berlin with their new big box coming very soon. Will you be controlling the Soviets or the Germans in the Battle For Berlin?

Weekender: Win An Epic Chain Of Command Bundle & Warhammer Shadespire Favourite Factions

Weekender: Win An Epic Chain Of Command Bundle & Warhammer Shadespire Favourite Factions


Desert Conflicts, Late-War & ‘Nam Call You To Flames Of War


A new series of releases are coming out throughout the rest of October and into the new year.

Weekender XLBS: HUGE Hobby Update & Justin Vs Lloyd At Rorke's Drift

Weekender XLBS: HUGE Hobby Update & Justin Vs Lloyd At Rorke’s Drift


Zulus, Casualties & Command Vehicles Line Up At Perry Miniatures


Perry has a couple of pieces on the way, including a newly released Dorchester Command Vehicle, and peak at some up coming Zulus and the casualties of war.

VLOG: Tank War Fast Paint Project Part 6


Call in reconnaissance because we have tanks to spot!

Meet New Stoessi’s Heroes For Your World War II Games


We’ve got some more of Stoessi’s Heroes for you to take a look at today, each of them proving that when it comes down to it fact can sometimes be more epic and fantastic than fiction.

The Chindit Force Grows With New Bolt Action Releases


If Chindits are your bag (as all the hip kids say right?) then some new releases from Warlord Games might be what you need to bolster your Bolt Action force.

The Russian Winter Platoon Takes Shape From Heer46


Heer46 has been showing off a change in their collection as they move from Germans to some Soviets with the Russian Winter Platoon troops.

New Waffen-SS Plastic Set Pre-Orders Up For Bolt Action


Warlord Games have put up another plastic set for you to get stuck into as they open pre-orders for the Waffen-SS kit, a great Bolt Action bolsterer.

New Stoessi’s Heroes Join The Fighting In World War II


Stoessi’s Heroes continue to bring us colourful characters from World War II with a new selection of releases from this month