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An Avanti Arsenal Drops This March For Flames Of War


The Flames Of War team has shown off some of the new Avanti miniatures which will be coming to your tabletop to support the Italians in World War II.

Battlegroup Torch Book Now Available For Pre-Order


Plastic Soldier Company have opened up pre-orders for their newest Battlegroup book, Torch. This new book takes you into the desert war and expands on the campaign with more options for wargamers.


Baptism By Fire: 1943 // Americans In Tunisia – Part One


We get stuck back into the Desert War with a new series looking at the Americans and their battles in Tunisia…

Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John's Star Wars Challenge!

Weekender: Kaiju & Jaegers Clash In Pacific Rim: Extinction + John’s Star Wars Challenge!


Defend The Gamecraft 28mm Drawbridge From Advancing Allies!


GameCraft Miniatures have added their revised design for the 28mm Drawbridge to their webstore. A perfect chokepoint for some World War II clashes on the tabletop.

Pre-Order Warlord’s Blood Red Skies For Fighter Ace Models


Warlord Games wanted to remind folks that you can still get your hands on the pre-orders for Blood Red Skies, their new dogfighting game in World War II.

Keep An Eye Out For Too Fat Lardies What A Tanker!


Too Fat Lardies have another game coming along very soon. What A Tanker! (hah) is an awesome sounding game which, as you might imagine, has something to do with rolling armour.

Warlord Send In The British Commandos For Bolt Action


Warlord Games have some new releases for your World War II games in Bolt Action. The first of these is a new British Commandos HQ Set which gives you some grizzled veterans who will be leading the charge.

New Stalingrad & Dutch Windmill Terrain Kit from 4Ground

Stalingrad & Dutch Windmill Terrain Kits From 4Ground


WIN one of three terrain
kits for your tabletop!

Meet The Bersaglieri With FoW Avanti Releases This Month


The Battlefront team have added a new roster of metal and plastic kits for you to pick up throughout February for Flames Of War.

New Tsuba WWII Romanians Added To Empress Line-Up


Some new Tsuba Romanians have been added into the mix for Empress Miniatures’ collection of World War II soldiers.

Flames Of War’s Avanti Launches February 9th


Bringing the Italians into the mix for Flames Of War and World War II, Avanti will launch with the new book and model range on February 9th.

US Airborne Support Lands From Warlord For Bolt Action


Warlord Games has some new releases for those looking to bulk out their US Airborne force on the tabletop in Bolt Action.

Stoessi’s Heroes Releases Three New US Airborne Legends


Stoessi’s Heroes has turned their attention to the US Airborne with their three newest releases.

4Ground Get Sci-Fi Smelting & Stalingrad Terrain Arrives Friday


4Ground teamed up with TheTerrainTutor last week to show off some of the new Stalingrad Terrain which is going to be available as part of their World At War range this Friday.

1944-45 US Airborne Sets Parachute In For Warlord’s Bolt Action


Warlord Games has a few new sets of metal models for you to use when bolstering your US force in Bolt Action.

Weekender: Sinking Ships In UBOOT, Vietnam On The Tabletop & Win A Guild Ball Prize!

Weekender: Sinking Ships In UBOOT, Vietnam On The Tabletop & Win A Guild Ball Prize!


Welcome to The Weekender where we’ve got two great interviews for you this week plus loads more!

Bring The Armoured Fist To Flames Of War’s Desert Conflict


Battlefront Miniatures have shown off their new book, Armoured Fist, coming to those who need a bit more of a punch in their advancing forces for Flames Of War.

Infamous JT Bringing Warsaw Uprising To Life In February


A small collection of miniatures are going to be hitting Kickstarter in February from Infamous JT based on the events of the Warsaw Uprising from World War II

Set Up Your Small Country Home At GameCraft Miniatures


GameCraft Miniatures have released a pair of Small Country Houses for your gaming tables.