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MoMMiniaturas Work On A Giant New Model


MoMMiniaturas have started sculpting a new giant to stomp across the fantasy world.

The Dead Are Summoned To Walk Across MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have shown off an upcoming set of sculpts that are a bit spookier than their previous fantasy figures; a necromancer and his contingent of zombies.

Dark Dwarf Golems Take Shape From MomMiniaturas


MomMiniaturas has some more Dwarven models for us to check out however these are twisted creations brought to life by Chaos Dwarves!

A Sniper Ghosts Into MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have shown off the latest WiP for their scifi sniper Ghost.

MoMMiniaturas Prepare Some Bits And Pieces For A Dwarven Kickstarter


MoMMiniaturas have announced that, after they have finished their zeppelin kits, they will be headed to Kickstarter and are bringing a bunch of dwarf goodies with them.

MomMiniaturas Show Off Work On An Adventuring Duo


MomMiniaturas might have broken me a little with their latest teaser showing off an adventuring duo I would very much like to have in my possession.

MoMMiniaturas Give A Glimpse Into Dwarf Life


MoMMiniaturas are carrying on from the preview we saw of their dwarf house with a few new glimpses at upcoming sculpts, including more dwarf terrain.

Dwarfs Feel At Home In MoMMiniaturas’ Upcoming House


MoMMiniaturas are working on a new building, a house suitable for any dwarf who might make their home beyond the confines of the mines.

A Victim Of MoMMiniaturas’ Evil Aliens Appears


MoMMiniatures have shown off a new, particularly disturbing model, which may have fallen victim to their race of aliens.

The Rune Guardians Defend Dwarven Holds With MomMiniaturas


A set of mighty Rune Guardians brought up from the vaults of a Dwarven Hold, are defending it against attackers thanks to MomMiniaturas and their latest release.

MoMMiniaturas’ Bugs Grow Even More Disturbing


MoMMiniaturas have shown off another WiP of the latest bug to come crawling onto their sculpting bench.

Raise Up MoMMiniaturas’ Trophy For Fantasy Football


MoMMiniaturas are working on a new trophy to let you celebrate your fantasy football victories.

Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What's After The Gateway Game?

Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What’s After The Gateway Game?


We’re delving into more awesomeness with you Backstage!

Stone Lion Statues Flank MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have released two new terrain accessory pieces, a pair of stone lion statues to stand guard on your table.

MoMMiniaturas Present A Family Picture Of Fear


Things are getting a bit twisted at MoMMiniaturas as they show off four freakish figures.

MoMMiniaturas Suffer A Sci-Fi Bug Infestation


More scifi bug creatures are scurrying out of MoMMiniaturas, leaving humanity surrounded on all sides.

A Shelled Horror Scuttles Around MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have published showing off a new horrific creature that they are working on, a scuttling shelled creature that looks like it crawled out of the darkest depths.

MoMMiniatures Give A Sci-Fi Heroine A Big Gun


MoMMiniatures have unveiled a new WiP for their new range of scifi miniatures; a heroine wielding a suitably impressive gun.

MoMMiniatures Makes A Tough Dwarven Trio


MoMMiniatures have a revealed their latest WiPs, a trio of heavily armed and armoured dwarfs.

Face New Horrors With MOMminiaturas’ Chaos Realm Gate


Keeping us constantly entertained with new previews of his work we got a look at this fantastic Chaos Realm Gate which would be perfect for Age Of Sigmar of 9th Age Warhammer Fantasy.