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MoMMiniatures Give A Sci-Fi Heroine A Big Gun

4 days ago 4

MoMMiniatures have unveiled a new WiP for their new range of scifi miniatures; a heroine wielding a suitably impressive gun.

MoMMiniatures Makes A Tough Dwarven Trio

9 days ago 4

MoMMiniatures have a revealed their latest WiPs, a trio of heavily armed and armoured dwarfs.

Face New Horrors With MOMminiaturas’ Chaos Realm Gate

23 days ago 10

Keeping us constantly entertained with new previews of his work we got a look at this fantastic Chaos Realm Gate which would be perfect for Age Of Sigmar of 9th Age Warhammer Fantasy.

Go Berserk With A New Warrior By MOMMiniaturas

51 days ago 1

With flails in hand, this new Berserker from MOMMiniaturas is ready to start smashing his enemies aside in a bloody curdling frenzy on the battlefield.

MoMMiniatures Search The ruins Of A Medieval Tower

61 days ago 7

MoMMiniatures have released a new large terrain piece, a Medieval Tower to tower of the battlefield.

Sci-Fi Redeemers Hit The Battlefield From MOMMiniaturas

73 days ago 7

Expanding further into the world of Sci-Fi MOMminiaturas are going to be beginning pre-orders for their new range of Redeemers soon. In charge of these advancing Sci-Fi warriors is Laelius with sword and shield in hand.

Pre-Order A Mighty Dwarven Zeppelin From MOMminiaturas!

77 days ago 8

Limited to only 500 copies the team at MOMminiaturas have now released their Dwarven Zeppelin onto their webstore for you to snap up.

The Monstrous Kankros Is Summoned Forth For The Divine Rage Collection

86 days ago 3

Adding to their range of mighty Demons MOMminiaturas has summoned Kankros from whatever realm of hell he calls home into the mortal coil. See what you think of this towering fellow…

MoMMiniatures Prepare For Siege With Their Trebuchet

106 days ago 3

MoMMiniatures have another fantasy miniature on their workbench, a mighty trebuchet for the Children of the Lion.

Cast Spells With MOMMiniaturas’ New Mage & Apprentice

122 days ago 3

Released this week for the growing Fantasy range from MOMminiaturas we have the Mage & Apprentice which would be a perfect fit for the world of Frostgrave or maybe as part of a larger army on the battlefield.

Valiant Knights Take Shape From MOMMiniaturas

127 days ago 3

We looked at the early life of these Knight models a few weeks ago. Now the MOMminiaturas team has put together the final make-up of the unit and it’s looking rather awesome indeed.

Ride With The Lion Knight From MOMMiniaturas

133 days ago 8

MOMMiniaturas might have been dabbling in Sci-Fi but they aren’t letting the Fantasy side of their collection slide. Here we have a WiP of the Lion Knight who looks fantastic.

MoMMiniatures Step Into Sci-Fi As New Soldiers Appear For Pre-Order

138 days ago 10

MoMMiniatures have a new pre-order that steps away from their usual fantasy staples and into a grim future where humans fight a ravenous alien invasion. Now the last hope of humanity has gone up for pre-order.

A Champion Is Born For MomMiniaturas’ Fantasy Range

143 days ago 2

Leading his other warriors into battle MOMMiniaturas has put together a Champion for the series of Knights they are crafting. Take a look…

A Gallant Knight Rides Out Of MOMMiniaturas

155 days ago 3

MOMMiniaturas has been sculpting up a gallant-looking Knight mounted atop what could either be a horse or a magical unicorn.