A HUGE Beast Comes To Life From MOMMiniatures

July 9, 2016 by brennon

A bestial warrior has come forth from the workbench of MOMminiatures and their Divine Rage range. Here we have an Ogre, crossed with a dragon, with a little bit of demonic centaur in there too.

Demon #1

As you can see these guys have really gone down the route of ‘bigger is better’ at the moment and this is one monstrous creation that stands head and shoulders above the regular soldier below.

Demon #2

Demon #3

As mentioned above it does definitely fit into the mould of a Dragon Ogre for your tabletop Fantasy games. I think the horns that have been shown off here look fantastic and I just want to see what crazy weapons he’s going to be bringing into battle.

What do you think of the beast?

"I just want to see what crazy weapons he's going to be bringing into battle..."