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Monolith’s Oracle Keeps Batman In The Know

17 days ago 5

A great character from the world of Batman, Monolith last week showed off their version of Oracle.

Monolith Show Off The Thugs Of Batman The Board Game

42 days ago 7

Batman always needs some goons to beat up. So, Monolith shared with us some of their Thugs sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron and painted by the hand of Martin Grandbarbe.

Monolith Show Off Smashing Clayface For Batman Board Game

50 days ago 9

Building on what’s coming for Batman: The Board Game from Monolith we got a look at Clayface and an idea of just how big this fellow is!

Jim Gordon Fights Alongside Monolith’s Batman To Keep Gotham Safe

65 days ago 3

Monolith is showing off more of their Batman: The Board Game project, which is coming to Kickstarter later this year. This time we have GCPD’s finest with Jim Gordon.

Killer Croc Slinks From The Sewers For The Batman Board Game

70 days ago 7

Another of Batman’s enemies has made himself known for Monolith’s big project for later this year, Batman: The Board Game. This time around the preview is for Killer Croc.

Save Gotham With Monolith’s Batman Board Game At UK Games Expo

84 days ago 11

In more UK Games Expo news, Monolith is going to be at the event looking to save Gotham from Bane as they show off Batman: The Board Game including loads of its miniatures!

Face Off Against Bane In Monolith’s Batman Board Game

86 days ago 12

The latest model to be previewed for Monolith’s upcoming Batman: The Board Game is the dangerous back-breaker known as Bane, shown here, painted up!

Nightwing Is Next Hero Preview For Monolith’s Batman

99 days ago 6

The world of Batman is looking increasingly awesome on the tabletop with Monolith showing off another of the heroes for their Batman Board Game, coming in the future.

Batman Dons His Cowl For Monolith’s Board Game

106 days ago 32

Monolith has put together a render for the new Batman that will be part of the upcoming board game.

Monolith Announces Next Big Project – Batman The Board Game [Updated With Models!]

179 days ago 30

Monolith has announced their next big project as they are showing off prototypes of Batman: The Board Game at the 2017 Game Festival in Canne.