The Whimsical World Of Moonstone Has Arrived On Kickstarter

October 18, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

I’ve talked it up in the recent weeks, and it’s finally here!

MS Live

The 32mm whimsical fantasy world of Moonstone by Goblin King Games has launched on Kickstarter and is well on its way to their funding goal.

MS KS boxes

Moonstone is a whimsical fantasy Skirmish game for two or more players, which sees you leading a troupe of fairy-tale-inspired characters across farmsteads, town centres, and the darkest of forests in search of precious Moonstones. When your troupes encounter a town or field belonging to another player, it is a mad scramble to grab as many stones as quickly as possible while also denying the opponents whatever stones they may be foolish enough to lay claim to.

MS baron von fancyhat

Being a skirmish game, players need only three to six models to field their side, which makes getting started easier and less daunting. Turns are played out with alternating model activations between you and the other players, so it is never a long wait before you are back in the action making tactical, insightful, and often hilarious decisions.

MS doug mini

Moonstone makes use of a number of shared custom card decks which uses a combination of bluffing and zero-sum techniques that you would usually find in games of poker and rock-paper-scissors, where usually it is your ability to read the opponent rather than luck of the draw which will win you the game.

MS bobby beak

After seeing their first model on Kickstarter some months back, the Goblin Firespitter, I was HOOKED! And once I got the resin model and saw the lovely detail in it, I knew this was one to watch.

Moonstone ks

The unique and quirky characters and lovely art is a huge selling point as well. Our friend and uber talented artist, Shane Cook, breathed life into one fantastic character after another as we have been introduced to the different troupes for Moonstone: Humans, Goblins, Faeries, and Gnomes!

MS faeries

Though I’m particularly drawn to the mischievous Faeries, when I look at the art for each, I just can’t decide – which is why I’ve gone all in!

Will you be joining the whimsical Kickstarter for Moonstone and who’s your favorite troupe?

"Though I'm particularly drawn to the mischievous Faeries, when I look at the art for each, I just can't decide - which is why I've gone all in!"