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The Monsters of Mordheim Make Ready For Their Release

627 days ago 3

Mordheim, Rogue Factor’s tactical RPG video game recreating Games Workshop’s classic tabletop game, is nearing its November 20th release day. Before we step into those dark and deadly streets, lets get a look at some of the monsters waiting for us there.

Watch New Mordheim City Of The Damned Gameplay Trailer!

980 days ago 5

Check out a gameplay trailer for Mordheim: City of the Damned by Rogue Factor. How do you think this adaptation of the miniatures wargame is looking right now?

New Mordheim Video Game Trailer & Early Access This Month!

990 days ago 6

See what you think of the new teaser trailer for Mordheim: City of the Damned which is hitting early access this month.

Mordheim: City of the Damned Prepares to Enter Early Access

998 days ago 6

Mordheim: City of the Damned, the video game adaptation of the classic skirmish game based in the world of Warhammer Fantasy, is preparing to head for early access on Steam. To help us get excited for our first visit to the damned city, a couple of new screenshots have appeared.

Mordheim Video Game Screens Reveal The Sisters Of Sigmar

1097 days ago 18

Go off on an adventure in the City of the Damned with some more screenshots from Mordheim: City of the Damned which is coming out as a video game in the near future. The Sisters of Sigmar have been revealed!

Mordheim Video Game

Mordheim Video Game Coming Soon From Focus Interactive!

1217 days ago 16

Mordheim is coming to the digital realm thanks to a new game in the works by Focus Home Interactive. See what you think of the screenshots!

Mordheim Journals: “It’s Close To Midnight, Something’s Lurkin’”

1219 days ago 6

I delve back into the streets of Mordheim in a big three player game where Middenheimers, Reiklanders and Witch Hunters hope to stop the deadly Necromancer Herr Krum raising his Vampire master!

Mordheim Journals: “Heard About It On The Wyrdstone Vine..”

1226 days ago 4

Sit around The Fishhook Tavern with Richer Haustmann as he listens to the tales of interesting and whacky encounters within The City of the Damned that is Mordheim.

Mordheim Journals: “If I Were To Do It All Again…”

1233 days ago 4

With a bit of a slow week I decided to look back at what I would change with my Witch Hunter warband and the importance of narrative in these kind of skirmish based campaign games.

Mordheim Journals: “Time To Cull Some Wolves”

1240 days ago 3

I only managed to get in one game of Mordheim/Corheim this week but we find Richter Haustmann and his zealots facing off against the equally zealous Middenheimers coming down from the North to enact the White Wolf’s justice.

Mordheim Journals: “Suffer Not The Mutant To Live!”

1247 days ago 7

It’s week two of my journey into Mordheim, the City of the Damned. With Middenheimers, Reiklanders and Night Goblins my target for week one it’s all got a bit strange and Chaotic with Richter Haustmann and his zealots having to take on two Possessed warbands!

Mordheim Journals: “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here”

1254 days ago 4

Week One has come and gone for my Witch Hunters as they entered the City of the Damned. Along with some friends down at my local gaming store we begun our scuffles in the world of Coreheim. Check out my summary of it within.

Tweaking Witch Hunters & Dealing With The Unofficial

1261 days ago 10

I take another opportunity before the campaign starts proper to tweak my Mordheim/Coreheim warband and get it fully painted ready for the perilous journey ahead. Also, with it being so unofficial what takes it too far?

Heading Back To The City Of The Damned

1268 days ago 14

I’ll be taking a trip back into the City of the Damned soon and I thought I’d talk through some of the choices I’ve made getting a warband ready for the journey! It’s going to be Wyrd(stone)!