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Morland Head To Gen Con For OotS & Shar The Traveller

1465 days ago 2

Morland Studios are showing off some awesome miniatures for both Order of the Stick and general role-playing. Check out Shar the Traveller!!!

Morland’s Order Of The Stick Characters Continue To Emerge

1579 days ago 2

Morland Studios have released two of their new Order of the Stick miniatures for you to either paint up and keep as a souvenir of the cartoon or use in your role-playing campaigns.

Morland Studios Unleash Belkar Bitterleaf & Mr Scruffy!

1678 days ago 0

Check out another character from Order of the Stick bought to life by Morland Studios.

A Snarling Addition To Morland Studio’s Bust Collection

1682 days ago 1

Morland Studios take a look at their newest bust, and it’s pretty feral!

Start Your Order Of The Stick Collection With Morland Studios

1739 days ago 0

Check out Roy Greenhilt from the world of Order of the Stick by Morland Studios!

Ready to Join in on the Morland Studios Kickstarter?

1835 days ago 6

Morland Studios look to Kickstarter for help with their 54mm range.

Morland Studios Cordially Welcome Lady Furry

1885 days ago 6

Check out the Lady Furry Bust from Morland Studios.