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Havan The Warrior & Volac The Mage Sculpted Up By Mountain Of Metal

625 days ago 7

Like two characters from a dark Fantasy novel both Havan Half-Seen the Warrior/Rogue and Volac the Mage have been sculpted up for 28mm scale by Mountain Of Metal. This pair would either be mortal enemies of best friends during an adventure I reckon…

A Brutal Half-Seen Killer On The Cards From Mountain Of Metal

637 days ago 1

If you’re looking for an unconventional rogue in your role-playing games or skirmishing warbands then see what you think of the artwork for Mountain Of Metal’s Havan The Half-Seen. I can imagine him having some magical means by which he can blend into the shadows…

Mountain Of Metal Tease New Miniatures Range With Nenqua

640 days ago 2

Mountain Of Metal appear to be working away on a range of miniatures in 28mm scale. The first of their miniatures to be previewed in full is Nenqua who you can see below…