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Havan The Warrior & Volac The Mage Sculpted Up By Mountain Of Metal


Like two characters from a dark Fantasy novel both Havan Half-Seen the Warrior/Rogue and Volac the Mage have been sculpted up for 28mm scale by Mountain Of Metal. This pair would either be mortal enemies of best friends during an adventure I reckon…

A Brutal Half-Seen Killer On The Cards From Mountain Of Metal


If you’re looking for an unconventional rogue in your role-playing games or skirmishing warbands then see what you think of the artwork for Mountain Of Metal’s Havan The Half-Seen. I can imagine him having some magical means by which he can blend into the shadows…

Mountain Of Metal Tease New Miniatures Range With Nenqua


Mountain Of Metal appear to be working away on a range of miniatures in 28mm scale. The first of their miniatures to be previewed in full is Nenqua who you can see below…