Flee From Godzilla’s New Epic Trailer!

February 26, 2014 by dracs

So far all our quick glimpses at the new Godzilla movie have been fleeting at best, building up the mystery surrounding the giant monster. With the release of a new trailer we get our first glimpse at some of the characters and plot of the film.

Godzilla Nuke

Godzilla Trailer

Godzilla Trailer

People have been a bit cautious about this film and rightly so given the West’s previous attempt at Godzilla. However, the more I see of this the more excited I get that this film will be able to capture the unstoppable terror of Godzilla.

The trailer shows that the film is at least keeping in touch with the creature’s Asiatic roots and story. From the looks of things this is going to be a very atmospheric movie, really trying to make this a horror movie where the horror is akin to a natural disaster.

Are you looking forward to this film? What do you think is the greatest Godzilla movie ever?

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