The Flying Man Brings Us the Creepy Side of Super heroes

December 4, 2013 by dracs

Today I came across a pretty awesome short film which I thought I just had to share with you all. Super heroes are all over the place nowadays, with films about them being more popular than ever. Now we have a short film showing us just how creepy they could be.

The Flying Man

The Flying Man mixes tropes from Super Hero films with those of horror movies to create a cool ten minute piece which succeeds in building a great level of tension while also showing what it would be like to live in a city with a murderous super hero.

The Flying Man

This is one of the great things about the internet as a medium; small scale productions and low level funding means that film makers have to rely more heavily upon more stylistic cinematic techniques, like those used by Hitchcock in the earlier days of cinematic horror.

It also gives you more room to explore concepts and issues present in our modern societies and media, and in today’s climate of hero worship it is refreshing to see a different approach taken to the genre.

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