The Naked Gun Gets Reloaded for a Reboot

December 16, 2013 by dracs

My name’s Frank Drebin, Police Squad, and don’t let me catch you guys rebooting my movie! Yes it looks like we are in for a remake of the classic spoof film The Naked Gun, minus the sadly departed Leslie Nielson.

The Naked Gun

For the two of you who have never seen them, The Naked Gun films were a trilogy of spoof police and action movies focused around the bumbling member of Police Squad, Frank Drebin, played by the king of parody Leslie Nielson.

Now it looks like a remake is on its way, but since Leslie Nielson passed away in 2010 who is going to be Frank Drebin? Why none other than this guy:

Ed Helms Hangover

Ed Helms, star of the popular Hangover movie franchise, where he played the neurotic dentist Dr. Stu Price.

Now I haven’t seen much of this guy as an actor, but Helms did do a good job in those films, playing as the straight man of the trio. However, the source of much of his humour came from his growing, over-the-top panic as events unfurled around him. I am not sure this sort of performance would match well with the typically suave Frank Drebin.

Leslie and EdImage taken from The Guardian website

As a long standing fan of the original films I really cannot see why they need a remake. They’re classics. But, as I said on the Weekender, just because one film did it well doesn’t mean another can’t try. Maybe this could see parody as a genre rise once more, rather than just being treated to the endless quagmire of references which passes for it nowadays.

What do you think of this guys? Who would you have cast for Frank Drebin?

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