Prepare to Be Spooked by Geek and Sundry’s New Show

June 5, 2014 by dracs

Most of us here at BoW used to have an interest in the paranormal. Pretty much all of us have been on a ghost hunt at some point, and still have a fascination with the strange and unexplained. That’s why we’re excited at the release of Geek and Sundry’s new web series, Spooked!


The series follows the Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT) as they go looking into mysterious goings on. In this first episode, the team are looking in to an apparent poletergeist. Could the spirit of a dead father be haunting this couple even now?


The show is comedic in tone, with much of the humour arising from the interactions between the various members of PIT. However, there is also room for some interesting and moving moments of drama, all wrapped up in some genuinely creepy goings on.

Piper has a Knife

While the awkward social humour isn’t usual my own cup of tea, I think that this first episode looks really promising for the series as a whole. The actors all play their parts well, and the relationship between the leader of the team and his sister Piper is particularly interesting in terms of the story.

It is a small scale production, so admittedly we’re not seeing  the same sort of special effects and horror that we might get from other paranormal focused shows, but in total I think that the show does a really good job in lightly parodying paranormal investigation TV shows, while also establishing itself as more than just one-note satire.

Dare you tune into the first episode of Spooked?