Battle Through Multiverse Gaming’s Gothic Ruins Terrain

March 21, 2017 by brennon

Tinkering away on some new terrain the folks at Multiverse Gaming have put together some new terrain sets for your Gothic Ruins out there in a ruined Fantasy world or some distant Sci-Fi planet.

Ruins Of Giliath

The image above shows how they all come together into some nice terrain that works for games like Lord of the Rings. Immediately you’re offered up a chance to battle it out on some multi-level terrain which looks sturdy and fit to stamp your own identity on.

The terrain set breaks down into this Ruined Belltower which is just looking perfect for somewhat of a last stand atop those stairs. Many a daring fight has happened between heroes and villains on a stage like this.

Ruined Belltower

To surround this Bell Tower you can also pick up the Ruined Gothic Cloister which helps build up the base of the structure.

Ruined Gothic Cloister

All you have to do is then add your own touch of character to the terrain. A little bit of undergrowth here and there wouldn’t go amiss to show that it’s being reclaimed by nature perhaps. You could also go for some blood and gore, maybe a few burn marks here and there, to show it as more of a battleground.

Additionally, they also provide this Gothic Ruins Set which then builds up multiple levels of gameplay and offers up more options.

Gothic Ruins Set A

I like the idea of working on some ladders and walkways to span across these ruins providing you with a chance to clamber all over it with your miniatures.

Together these would make for quite the robust terrain set!

"A little bit of undergrowth here and there wouldn't go amiss to show that it's being reclaimed by nature perhaps..."