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Musketeer Evolves Into Footsore Miniatures With Teasers Too!


The transition has begun and it’s all looking great for Footsore Miniatures as they develop their range away from Musketeer Miniatures.

Musketeer Miniatures Prepare For The Sikh Wars


It’s time to head back in time to the Sikh Wars with the upcoming miniatures from Musketeer Miniatures.

Musketeer Miniatures Gather The Romano British Armies


Musketeer Miniatures have dug out some of their Romano British range that never got released and now it’s going to be available at Salute!

King Arthur Rides To War With Musketeer Miniatures


Musketeer charge out to face the Saxons with Arthur at the head of the army.

Musketeer’s Russian Command March Towards Moulding


Over at Musketeer Miniatures a new set of Russian Command miniatures is getting ready to march out, coat and curled wigs flying in the breeze.

Musketeer Miniatures Bow Before Charles XII


It is nearly time for the Swedes of the 18th century to go to war, led by Musket Miniatures upcoming model of their King Charles XII.

Sound The Charge With Musketeer’s King Arthur


Musketeer Miniatures have finished their version of King Arthur. What do you think of the more historical take on this famous British figure?

Musketeer Miniatures Ride Into Battle With Arthur


Musketeer Miniatures saddle up and ride into battle alongside Arthur with their upcoming ‘knights’.

Musketeer Miniatures Bolster Their Late Roman Forces


Bolster your forces and arm them with spear and shield to take on the enemies of Rome towards the end of its days.

Musketeer Tell More Arthurian Legends Of Merlin & More


Tell more Arthurian tales with model sets from Musketeer Miniatures.